Sole Proprietor API and Console Experience for 10DLC Registration is Now Live

April 13, 2023
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Sole Proprietor API and Console experience for 10DLC Registration

As the US continues to move towards a fully verified messaging ecosystem, we have introduced our Sole Proprietor registration API and Console experience, completing the full range of registration paths for all customers to access the value of A2P 10DLC messaging. Meant for hobbyists and US or Canadian businesses without an Employer Identification Number (EIN, also known as Federal Tax Identification Number), you can now begin registering campaigns via Sole Proprietor API or Twilio Console experience.


In October of 2022 we removed our Twilio Starter Brand registration, that was originally built to handle all sole proprietor registration, due to updates and clarifications from the Industry and The Campaign Registry (TCR) around Sole Proprietorship. This meant that a percentage of our 10DLC customers were left without a way forward for compliant 10DLC messaging other than our Standard or Low-Volume Standard registration paths.

With the industry’s goal of creating a fully verified messaging ecosystem for consumers to combat bad actors, SPAM, and unwanted messages, we recognized the importance of creating a compliant path forward for this group of developers and small businesses.

Who is this for and what are the requirements?

  1. Hobbyist Developers – i.e. student developers, or developers using Twilio to build personal projects
  2. US and Canadian Businesses without an EIN
  3. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who have customers covered in the types above

The Sole Proprietor use case, as defined by TCR, is designed to allow sole proprietors without an EIN to be able to register and send A2P 10DLC messaging. 

Main requirements are:

  • One campaign allowed per Brand, with a maximum of 1 associated Telephone Number
  • If the campaign originates from an ISV (Independent Software Vendor), the ISV must be selected as the campaign ‘Reseller’
  • 1000 msg/day limit (T-Mobile) and 15 msg/minute limit (AT&T) per Campaign
  • Passing a two step validation process
    • 1st – Data validation (see prerequisites below)
    • 2nd – OTP (one-time password) phone verification

Prerequisites for registration

If you are an ISV with sole proprietor customers or a sole proprietor yourself, there are two ways to register these A2P 10DLC campaigns – via the API or Twilio Console. Before picking a path, you’ll need to collect the following information:



First and last name

If you’re an ISV, the customer's first and last name. Else, your first and last name.


This email address can only be used a maximum of 10 times across all A2P Brand registrations with TCR.

Phone Number

If you’re an ISV, the customer's business/contact phone number. Else, your business/contact phone number.

Mobile Number

The mobile phone number used for sending a One Time Passcode (OTP) verification request. This mobile number can only be used a maximum of three times across all A2P Brand registrations with TCR.


A valid US or Canadian address. This address can only be used a maximum of 10 times across all A2P Brand registrations with TCR.

Brand Name

If you’re an ISV and your customer is a Sole Proprietor business, this must be the customer's real business name. If your customer is not a business entity, provide their first and last name.

Vertical (optional)

For ISVs, if you or your customer are a registered business and have an EIN, please use Standard or Low-Volume standard registration. If you qualify for Sole Proprietor registration, use your customer’s information, do not use your company’s information (i.e., the ISV’s)

API Registration Steps for Developers

Once you have completed the prerequisites, you can register the Sole Proprietor via the API in the following steps:

  1. Create a Starter Profile(s) and attach the required information
  2. Create a Sole Proprietor A2P Trust Bundle and attach the required information
  3. Create a Sole Proprietor A2P Brand and complete OTP verification
  4. Create a Messaging Service
  5. Create a Sole Proprietor Campaign

For full details around each step of this process, visit our developer documentation on Sole Proprietor 10DLC Registration for ISVs.