Twilio Changelog | Aug. 18, 2023

ACTION REQUIRED: Upcoming changes to Twilio Interconnect IPs

Effective February 21, 2024, Twilio will expand the Interconnect media IPs and port ranges for calls in all regions; we’ll also expand the RTP port range to 10000-60000 UDP. 

We’ve started migrating our non-Interconnect traffic, and we’ll migrate all Interconnect traffic to the expanded port ranges listed below before February 21, 2024. 

We’re making this change to improve the flexibility, reliability, and scalability of our Voice products. We previously communicated this change in November 2022 via Twilio Changelog

Update your network infrastructure to allowlist the new IP and port ranges below (in addition to the IP and port ranges your network infrastructure currently allows).

  • UDP port range: 10000-60000 (expanding from 10000-20000)

For example, you will need to update your firewall and BGP prefix if you have a Cross Connect and Encryption Domain if you have a VPN.

Lastly, keep old IP and port ranges open in your infrastructure after February 21, 2024; these ranges won’t be able to accept or send Voice media traffic after this time, but they need to stay open for signaling and API traffic.

If you don’t take action by February 21, 2024, you will experience one-way audio and dropped calls.

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