Programmable Voice | Jun. 26, 2023

Removal of "Alice" Text To Speech voices

Effective 26 June 2023, “Alice” voices will no longer be supported for Text-To-Speech. Any request for “Alice” voices will be redirected to an alternative voice. No action required from customers and no service disruption is expected.

Going forward, requests for “Alice” voices will be automatically mapped to the existing “Woman” voices when available for the selected language, and requests for non-available languages would be mapped to a paid alternative. Quality of basic voice alternatives (“Man” and “Woman”) is similar to those being removed, and paid alternatives significantly better.

It is recommended to update configuration in Console, Studio flows and application to remove any references to “Alice”. Alternatively, Twilio encourages to review and re-test applications currently using “Alice” with the re-mapped voices to confirm that they work as intended. 

This is the detailed list of each Alice language and its mapped voice:


  Alice locale  Alternative
  en-US  Woman (en-US)
  en-AU  Polly.Nicole
  en-CA  Woman (en-US)
  en-GB  Woman (en-GB)
  en-IN  Polly.Aditi
  es-ES  Woman (es-ES)
  es-MX  Woman (es-MX)
  ca-ES  Polly.Arlet-Neural
  it-IT  Woman (it-IT)
  de-DE  Woman (de-DE)
  fr-FR  Woman (fr-FR)
  fr-CA  Polly.Chantal
  fi-FI  Polly.Suvi-Neural
  da-DK  Polly.Naja
  ja-JP  Polly.Mizuki
  ko-KR  Polly.Seoyeon
  nb-NO  Polly.Liv
  nl-NL  Polly.Lotte
  pl-PL  Polly.Ewa
  pt-BR  Polly.Camila
  pt-PT  Polly.Ines
  ru-RU  Polly.Tatyana
  sv-SE  Polly.Astrid
  zh-CN  Polly.Zhiyu
  zh-HK  Polly.Hiujin-Neural
  zh-TW  Google.cmn-TW-Standard-A


For additional information, see this help center article.

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