Twilio SendGrid Platform | May. 16, 2022

Limitations to Category Statistics for All Customers

Twilio SendGrid started limiting category statistics for new customers only on March 16, 2022. Beginning May 16, 2022, Twilio SendGrid will limit category statistics for all customers on a seven-day rolling basis. This means all categories will be available for the first seven days. After seven days, the top 100 categories will be retained for free customers, and the top 1,000 will be retained for paying customers.

Customers who require access to all category statistics can use the Event Webhook to retrieve and retain the data on their own systems as long as they save it within seven days of first sending the event.

Twilio SendGrid accounts created before March 16, 2022 will temporarily retain access to all category statistics created before May 16, 2022. However, access to unlimited category data is transitory and should not be expected to persist.

For more information about how this change works, please see the "Limitations" section of our "Working with Categories" documentation.

Many customers find that Unique Arguments, which are not limited, are the best solution for their needs. See the "Categories vs Unique Arguments: Benefits & Limitations" blog post to better understand these two tracking tools.

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