Super SIM | Nov. 01, 2022

Matching IDs & Activation Codes for Super SIM eSIM Profiles Now Available

When requesting a Super SIM eSIM Profile from the /ESimProfile API, you can now request that the eSIM profile be reserved with a matching ID by setting the new generate_matching_id request parameter to true. When you reserve a profile this way, you don’t need to provide the EID of the eSIM that will use the profile, which depending on your use case may be very difficult to know ahead of time or obtain.

When you want to download and install the eSIM profile, you will need to provide the matching ID to your device along with the SM-DP+ URL, both of which can be read from the ESimProfile when your reserved profile is available. The combined SM-DP+ URL and matching ID is often referred to as an “activation code” and often provided to end users via a QR code that they scan with their device during the workflow to add a new eSIM profile.

Refer to the docs to learn more about eSIM Profiles and different eSIM download methods.

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