Twilio Changelog | Jul. 18, 2023

Media Streams IP Address Pool upcoming change

Effective November 16, 2023, Twilio will stop using the current IP pools for sending Media Streams’ media, and will begin sending Media Streams media from a broad range of publicly available AWS IPs, so that we can improve the flexibility, reliability, and scalability of our Voice products.

We’re giving advance notice to allow customers time to update your network infrastructure and applications, but before November 16, 2023, you must:

  1. Update your network infrastructure to stop allowlisting the old IP range used for U.S. Media Streams media:
       (Traffic is secure web socket over TCP)

  2. Configure your firewall rules to allow secure websocket connections (TCP port 443) to their websocket servers from any public IP address.

You should also configure your application to validate the X-Twilio-Signature header, to verify that the media stream is coming from an authentic Twilio source, as described here:

If customers do not update their network infrastructure, then forked media from Media Streams will not continue to be successfully delivered to your applications.

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