Programmable Voice | Jan. 17, 2023

New Amazon Polly Voices available for <Say>

Twilio has updated its Text-To-Speech offering adding support for new Amazon Polly Neural Voices. This release includes the following new voices and languages: Hala-Neural (ar-AE), Suvi-Neural (fi-FI), Ida-Neural (nb-NO), Laura-Neural (nl-NL), Ola-Neural (pl-PL), Elin-Neural (sv-SE), Hiujin-Neural (zh-HK), Zhiyu-Neural (zh-CN).

Try new enhanced voices in your IVR applications by selecting them in the Text-to-Speech section of the Twilio Console, by setting them in your TwiML <Say> attributes or using Studio <Say> Widget. For more information on the voices and on pricing, please visit Twilio Text-to-Speech docs.

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