Programmable Voice | Nov. 15, 2022

<Pay> Enhancements to the <Prompt> verb allowing for dual input validation

We are launching a new attribute `requireMatchingInputs` within <Prompt> verb which is used in conjunction with the `for` attribute to prompt the caller to enter a specific payment detail twice. The first <Prompt> verb prompts the user to enter a given payment information.

The second <Prompt> which contains `requireMatchingInputs` set to `true` will give the caller a different prompt asking the caller to enter the information again. Once the customer enters the information, both inputs are validated against each other and if they match, they will be sent to the downstream payment gateway for processing.

This attribute works for ACH-debit <pay> transactions of type purchase/tokenization that require users to enter a bank account number or routing number. This enhancement was introduced to catch any user input errors upfront, reducing the error rates reported by payment gateways to meet the error thresholds defined by NACHA.

For more information about this feature, check out the API Docs.

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