Serverless | Feb. 23, 2021

Twilio Functions is adding support for Node v12

We are keeping your runtime up to date with industry standards. In accordance with OpenJS Foundation’s support schedule, Node v10 will no longer be supported after April 30, 2021.A new deployment will be required to make Functions run against the new Node version.

Your currently deployed functions will continue to execute on the existing Node v10 runtime if no changes are made.

Follow theseinstructions to upgrade, test and deploy your codeand ensure a safe transition to Node v12

We recommend that you upgrade to Node v12 even if you’re not planning on making other changes. Test and re-deploy your code with Node v12

If you don’t specify a runtime, we’ll use Node v12 by default if there are no previous builds deployed in the service. If you already have a build deployed in the service, the same runtime will be used to deploy as the last successful deployment until April 30th.

If a Build contains only Assets, then the default Runtime(regardless of the Runtime passed in the Build request or even if Runtime is not passed) will be used automatically for the Build. The default Runtime is Node12 after April 30th.

After April 30th, if you have not deployed using Node v12 already, you would have to deploy using Node v12 at least once to move your code to Node v12.

Currently, the Node version will only change if you explicitly set the Node version via either the UI dropdown in the dependencies tab, by passing runtime using serverless toolkit or by explicitly setting the runtime parameter when creating a Build.