Programmable Messaging | Oct. 12, 2022

[U.S. A2P 10DLC] Introducing Messaging Regulatory Compliance in the Twilio Console

We are excited to introduce the new Messaging - Regulatory Compliance section in the Twilio Console! Regulatory Compliance consists of the following screens, which provide enhanced experience to Twilio's US A2P 10DLC customers.

  • A2P 10DLC Overview - replaces the "A2P Messaging" page which lived under the "Trust Hub" section of the Twilio Console previously. On this page, you can find your A2P 10DLC registration overview as well as important alerts regarding fee changes, timeine updates, etc.
  • Brands - provides a new set of features to manage your US A2P Brands. For example, you can check out details of your existing registered Brands, download them as a csv (up to 10,000 rows), perform Brand sharing and more.
  • Campaigns - similar to the Brands page, the Campaign page allows you to view, edit, and create US A2P Campaigns.
  • Onboarding - hosts a self-service tool which helps users perform end-to-end onboarding for US A2P. Previously, this page was only accessible through a dedicated link from the "A2P Messaging" page under "Trust Hub".

Please note that we're gradually rolling out this change to Twilio customers over the next month, and you may not see the above reflected in your Twilio Console experience immediately. If that is the case, you can continue accessing your US A2P registration information in Trust Hub - US A2P Messaging.

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