Programmable Video | Jul. 06, 2022

Video Resiliency Improvements

We are excited to release two new features to help you improve the resiliency of your Twilio Video workflows.

First, we have updated the congestion control used to measure available bandwidth for publisher and subscriber clients. The new congestion control will provide higher available bandwidth in extremely low bandwidth scenarios as well as faster bitrate recovery times in oscillating network conditions. This feature has been rolled out across all Twilio Video workflows and is automatically enabled on your Rooms.

Second, we released a new Media Warnings API. This API, which is only available for Javascript SDK users, will trigger a warning if you are recording a Participant but no media is being received by the media server. This alert enables you to know in advance if a recording track is going to be incomplete and empowers you to improve the situation by, for example, reconnecting the Participant. You can read more about the alert in our SDK changelog documentation.

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