Twilio’s Zipwhip texting software 
is shutting down later this year

Our partners can deliver a seamless migration and get
your business on track for a banner 2023

We have vetted and selected replacement providers that meet or exceed Zipwhip functionality. Our recommendation is to start your diligence now to minimize migration challenges in Q4.

Text Request is the most-chosen Zipwhip replacement—with the closest feature match, the lowest cost, and automatic data transfer from your Zipwhip account. 

  • Keep using the same landline phone numbers for texting

  • Transfer contacts, message history, users, templates, opt-outs, and more with a click

  • No contracts—plus unlimited users, contacts, group sizes, and 5-star support

  • Get a demo or switch your account today—your customers won’t notice a thing!

Do more than just send text messages. Bring all your customer touchpoints, from chats to reviews to voicemails to payments, into a single thread and respond instantly over text.

  • Keep your same textable number

  • Pull over contacts and conversations within minutes leveraging our API's

  • Dedicated Onboarding and Account Manager for your business

  • Unparalleled range of texting features to help you consolidate systems

Voxie helps mid-market, enterprise companies engage in personalized conversations with customers at scale, via AI-driven automated messages. Voxie helps you:

  • Automate every interaction with IF-NO-REPLY and IF-NO-CLICK automations

  • Send text messages compliantly in all 50 states

  • Deliver mass market texts and conversational drips

  • Outperform your existing performance by 10X in every metric

Heymarket has developed the most intuitive texting platform that helps teams connect with customers that build trust and grow revenue.

  • Keep your existing landline for texting

  • Migrate all your contacts, message history, templates, groups, and more

  • Monthly or annual subscriptions, with live chat and email support

  • Use advanced texting features including reports, permissions, large list sizes, opt-out management, and security

Community is the preferred plug-and-play Zipwhip SMS replacement. Grow, engage and measure results using the platform trusted by the biggest brands in the world

  • Transfer your number and contact easily

  • Track results with an intuitive dashboard you can learn to use in minutes

  • Use two-way text messaging that’s trusted by mid-market and enterprise to drive results

  • Contact Community for a demo and switch today