Twilio Releases Q3 2022

Welcome to Twilio’s Quarterly Release Webinar. In this developer webinar, you’ll get up to speed on Twilio’s latest product updates and take a behind-the-scenes look at new releases. Whether you’re just starting with Twilio or ready to go deep on new features, you’ll learn to build and deploy faster. In this developer webinar, learn about the following recent product releases such as Twilio Frontline, Twilio Video Noise Cancellation, Line Type Intelligence/SIM Swap, and Messaging for Marketing & Engagement (Message Scheduling & Link Shortening). Also, hear exciting updates around SIGNAL 2022, and learn more about how customers use Twilio to enhance their customer experience.

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Jul. 12, 2022

Beta Lookup

Lookup Mobile Intelligence Packages in Beta 

Lookup has introduced new mobile intelligence packages in its v2 API to help you power trusted interactions and build seamless onboarding experiences for your users. This includes:

  • Line Type Intelligence, which returns the line type of a phone number, identifying everything from fixed VoIP and non-fixed VoIP numbers to landlines, toll-free and more. This is in Public Beta, supported worldwide and available self-service.
  • SIM Swap, which detects recent changes between a mobile phone number and its associated SIM. This is in Private Beta, supported in key markets across Europe and North America. 
  • Call Forwarding, which returns the unconditional call forwarding status of a mobile phone number. This is in Private Beta and only supported in the UK.
  • Lastly, the Lookup v2 API will also be supported by Twilio’s Ireland Region, which means you can call Lookup and ensure you remain data resident within the EU.

Read more about these features in our blog or check out our docs if you’re ready to start building.


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Jul. 20, 2022

Beta Frontline

Twilio Frontline Voice Extensibility 

The Twilio Programmable Voice <Connect> TwiML verb now supports the new TwiML noun <Conversation> as a resource target. This allows for fine-grained customization of Voice and Messaging workflows in Twilio Frontline. Frontline developers can inject custom actions into different stages of an active call. Example use cases include:

  • Executing other Voice TwiML instructions before connecting a customer and a Frontline worker (e.g. customers are sent to an IVR before being connected to a Frontline worker)
  • Configuring in-call behavior (e.g. to enable recording for all calls)
  • Configuring call behavior after a participant leaves the call or when an error occurs (e.g. a customer is prompted to leave a voicemail message in the event no Frontline worker answers their call)

Check out the docs for more information on how to use the new <Connect><Conversation> TwiML functionality in your application.


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Jul. 28, 2022

Beta Frontline

Twilio Frontline web interface now in beta 

We're excited to announce that Twilio Frontline's web interface is now available in Public Beta. Your employees can now communicate with your customers wherever they are, whether that's at their desk, or on the go.

Frontline's web client layers seamlessly on to our existing mobile apps (available on iOS and Android), and no additional development effort is required. You can learn more from our blog, or log in now with any existing Frontline account at

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Aug. 23, 2022

GA Programmable Voice

Introducing AI-Based Noise Cancellation in Twilio Video 

We are excited to announce AI-Based Noise Cancellation in Twilio Video to help developers remove unwanted sounds and build high quality meeting experiences. Built in partnership with leading noise suppression vendor, the Krisp Audio Plugin for Twilio Video can be added to your browser application in a few lines of code. 

This feature is available for Group Rooms in the JavaScript SDK. Please read our documentation to learn how to use noise cancellation in your video application. You can also watch a demo of this feature and learn more about the value of noise cancellation in our blog.

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Aug. 24, 2022

GA Programmable Messaging

Message Scheduling Now Generally Available 

Twilio Message Scheduling is now generally available for use!

Message scheduling enables developers to schedule and send an SMS, MMS or WhatsApp for a time in the future, all within a single API call. Iterations since our beta release include adding support for HIPAA Eligibility, enabling a scheduled message to send 15 min in advance (previously 60 min), and increasing the account usage limitations to enable higher volume sending.

For more information, see the Message Scheduling Documentation.

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Sep. 19, 2022

Beta Programmable Messaging

Link Shortening is now in Public Beta 

Link Shortening is now accessible in public beta on the Programmable Messaging API. This functionality enables you to programmatically shorten long links with your own company branded domain without any extra API calls. You can also set up your webhook to receive click events when recipients of the messages click on the shortened link. 

Read our API documentation to get started.