Drive better health outcomes & reduce operating costs using automated appointment reminders and nudges

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As a healthcare provider, you know that every no-show for a scheduled appointment can cost your organization as much as $200. Whether or not patients show up, you still need to cover your rent and expenses, service debts, and pay your staff. In total, the U.S. healthcare system loses $150 billion every single year due to missed appointments.

Beyond the economic impact, no-shows may also negatively affect the health outcomes of the patients in question, disrupting continuous care and preventive services like screenings. In some extreme cases, minor illnesses or ailments become chronic conditions that could’ve been prevented if treated sooner.

Join our live webinar to discover how automated appointment reminders and nudges via SMS and phone calls can reduce no-shows by up to 75% – driving better health outcomes for patients while reducing costs for your organization.

What you’ll learn:

  • Engage with your patients via the digital channels they prefer
  • Build an appointment reminder and health nudges solution powered by Twilio
  • Implement the solution into your existing scheduling workflow and tech stack
  • Best practices and real-world examples