Prioritize AI data quality to optimize customer personalization

Learn how to utilize first-party data to drive more successful AI-driven personalization for stronger customer engagement and insights.

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Across the market, businesses are hurtling toward AI-driven personalization. Consumers are asking for it, and growth in this new era demands it. Twilio’s 2023 State of Customer Engagement Report found that investment in digital customer engagement increased revenue by 90% on average. AI relies on real data to build streamlined, optimized models. The stronger and more secure that data is, the more successful AI-driven personalization will be. 

Identity resolution through a customer data platform (CDP) checks all the boxes for AI-readiness. It empowers businesses to build strong customer insights using first-party data and protects customers’ privacy while leveraging those insights to reap massive returns from an AI investment. 

This playbook simplifies the concept of data maturity into 3 levels and explores the 3 primary areas that must be shored up to ensure an organization’s data foundation is strong enough to support AI: 

  • Gathering first-party data

  • Organizing your data

  • Identity resolution

Explore four ways businesses can gain clear, trusted, and unprecedented understanding of every individual customer at scale—all in real time— with CustomerAI from Twilio.