Messaging for Action

How To Drive Massive Engagement with SMS and Chat

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Every second, Twilio powers 15 connections from people around the world to their elected officials, totaling more than 300 million in 2017 alone.

These connections span communication channels like video, voice, and even fax, but the vast majority are sent from mobile messaging apps like SMS and chat.

The ubiquity of these messaging apps allows organizations to engage people in the democratic process at incredible scale. But scale alone doesn’t drive positive change. Organizations can use mobile messaging to create productive dialogue between elected officials and their constituents, so constituents can make a difference when it’s needed most.

In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at when, why, and how to use messaging to engage your constituents. Based on conversations with experts in advocacy and civic engagement, we recommend how to create great content, design a message flow that moves people to action, and integrate mobile messaging within your overall communications strategy.

With the right mobile messaging strategy, you can help strengthen your democracy and drive positive change. Are you ready?