Use Cases

How to build: Account Notifications

Add custom SMS notifications for customers based on certain events.

Adding Account Notifications to your existing software is simple and uses programming languages you already know.

Create custom notifications based on pre-defined events.

Step 1

Create an event

To initiate an account notification, first write a program to identify events where you want to notify customers with an SMS.

Step 2

Create SMS message

For every event status or change, create an SMS message body (ex “Hi [Name]! Your payment of $xx has been received.”). Then, add the phone number to eachSMS message body to be sent FROM and TO.

Step 3

Post SMS to Twilio's API

Using the helper library for your programming language, POST the information from Step 2 to Twilio’s API.

Step 4

Confirm SMS status

Use Twilio’s SMS Dashboard to confirm message delivery status or identify any errors.

Want to learn more?

SMS notifications docs

Check out the docs to learn how to setup automated account notifications for your existing workflows.

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Getting started with SMS docs

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Notifications Quickstart

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