Happy Friday, Happy Customers

After signing up for a Twilio account, new users receive a series of emails from us introducing them to what Twilio is all about, providing resources to help developers get started, and making suggestions for becoming a part of our thriving developer community.

Even though these emails are automatically generated, I’m always happily surprised to see responses, and this morning my day was made when Dennis Palmer (@CoderDennis) dropped us a line, and said:

Thank you!

I first heard about Twilio from Steve Marx whom I follow on Twitter
@smarx because I’m working on a couple Windows Azure projects.

I’ve watched a couple of your demo videos and read through the getting
started API intro.

You have an amazing service! I’ve got a couple ideas on how to use it
and I already know it’s going to be fun and straight forward. Thanks
for making telephony so easy!

Back in the mid 90’s I worked on some voice programming using Delphi 1
(16-bit) running on Windows 3.11 and a 28.8 voice modem. I remember
at the time I was trying to figure it out some people telling me that
I would need a $1000 voice card and Windows 95 to do what I wanted to
do. The Friday night (Saturday morning) at 2 am when I finally got
the modem to do a hook flash (via the ! character) and transfer a call
is one of the most exciting moments in my programming career. I also
figured out how to record and play back voice messages and gather
digits, but the hook flash transfer was the one thing that I had to
figure out on my own through trial and error. Nobody I could find at
the time could tell me how to do it.

So the concept of sending xml to a simple REST api to do all that and
more feels like pure genius to me! I’m really excited for you guys!
I hope you are very successful!

If you want to share ideas, thoughts, frustrations, or anything else with our team we’re always reachable and listening at help@twilio.com, as well as many places on the web including Twitter, Facebook, and Friend Feed.  Or CALL US!  877-8-TWILIO