Introducing Single Sign-On for Enterprises

Single Sign-On for Twilio Enterprise Plan

Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Single Sign-On (SSO). Available as part of the Twilio Enterprise Plan, SSO mitigates compliance and security risks for organizations by giving businesses control over user authentication and user revocation via corporate mandated tools. Today, all developers and any user accessing Twilio console maintains his or her own login credentials. While this is totally acceptable for small businesses or… Read More

Enterprise Devs: Move Fast and Stay in Control with Public Key Client Validation


Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of Public Key Client Validation. Available through the Twilio Enterprise Plan, Public Key Client Validation helps organizations in compliance-heavy industries meet strict security requirements, such as not relying on shared secrets, validating the sender, or verifying message content. Shipping like a startup is no easy task for enterprise developers. It’s a different environment. Enterprises need to coordinate multiple teams… Read More