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  • By Brooke Isaacs
    What is a PBX? pbx2.png

    In a landscape inundated with business telephony system options, it can be hard to know which system works best for which business.

    Before you dive into different providers and systems, let’s go over the basics and get some background information on the subject. There are two main types of telephone systems you’ll need to be aware of: a PBX and the PSTN.

    Beyond that, there are a few types of PBX phone systems that can be personalized to suit the needs of a given organization. There is an abundance of information out there about each type of PBX, and while that may seem intimidating, it doesn’t have to be – we’ve got your back! We’ve outlined everything you need to know about PBX and included a crash course in each type of system.

    What is a PBX and how does it compare to the PSTN?

    A PBX, or …

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  • By Brooke Isaacs
    A Crash Course in SIP Trunking SIP Trunking 2.png

    Twenty years ago, when SIP trunking and VoIP were introduced on the world stage, we hadn’t yet dreamed of all of the ways that the internet would revolutionize how we connect with each other. Now, using the platform of our preference, unified communication online has become a part of our everyday lives.

    Phone calls still hold strong as a tried-and-true method of communication in a world that loves text, email, and messaging. Increasingly, businesses are leaning on VoIP and SIP trunking to meet the demand for affordable (and scalable) person-to-person communication.

    As we increase our reliance on online communication, SIP trunking frequently becomes the subject of conversation regarding digital transitions. Although SIP trunking is a hot topic, it can be easy to gloss over the basics of how it works and why it can be transformative for your business. Never fear, we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you need …

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  • By Brooke Isaacs
    The Top 10 Metrics Every Contact Center Should be Tracking 10 Metrics Contact Center Banner

    In a world that relies on technology and digital solutions, it’s no surprise that businesses have adapted and evolved to connect with customers everywhere, and on their preferred channels. Contact centers, like Twilio Flex, are innovative solutions to the rising demand for round-the-clock, omnichannel communications.

    What is a contact center?

    Lexico defines a contact center as “an integrated and usually automated communications system that coordinates all telephone and electronic contacts between an organization and the public.” Companies across all industries utilize contact centers, including healthcare, finance, travel, and tech among others.

    Although similar (and sometimes referred to interchangeably), contact centers and call centers are not the same thing. Contact centers handle customer communications across several applications, including calls, chat and messenger platforms, and email. Call centers tend to handle only inbound and outbound calls.

    Implementing a contact center as a customer service solution is only one part of optimizing …

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  • By Brooke Isaacs
    What is the Internet of Things? Internet of Things Header

    What is the Internet of Things?

    When computers began to enter our homes 40 years ago, the idea of having a mobile computer in our pockets seemed like a futuristic dream. Thanks to Moore’s Law, and the mass adoption of the smartphone, we have unlimited access to information. Anything we might want to know is just a few clicks away — any time, any place. Now, the internet can be accessed via even the most mundane of objects with the rapid spread of the Internet of Things (IoT).

    The Internet of Things is the connection of generally non-computing objects to the internet. This connection allows everyday objects to send and receive data.

    Sounds a little bit broad, right? IoT encompasses everything from smart refrigerators and home security systems, to electric scooters, fleet tracking, and even waste management — and it’s expanding every day. From looking …

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