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  • By Christopher Vundi
    Create a Real-Time Polling App using Twilio Sync and Laravel PHP Create a Real-Time Polling App using Twilio Sync and Laravel PHP.png

    Real-time updates is a feature that is becoming increasingly common in modern web applications. There are several hosted API services that provide real-time functionality to web and mobile applications and Twilio Sync is one of these services.

    Sync relies on the concept of state synchronization while making use of sync objects. Sync objects are the primitives you use to make your application's state discoverable and accessible at the right granularity. There are four different object primitives each with a different use case - I won't be talking about the different primitives but this document is a good place to start.

    In this tutorial, we'll look at how we can add real-time functionality to a Laravel app while making use of Message Stream sync objects.

    NOTE:  Sync Message Streams let you broadcast JSON messages at a high rate to an elastic group of subscribers.

    I chose Sync Message Streams due to …

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  • By Christopher Vundi
    Add Facebook, Twitter, and GitHub Login To Laravel PHP Applications with Socialite Laravel Socialite Banner

    Using social media accounts to sign up for websites is common nowadays and preferred by users because they don’t have to remember a password every time they login to a website. Even though social signup is easy, you can also inadvertently end up with a bunch of very confused users in an app.

    When a user signs up with one social provider such as Facebook and then signs up with a different provider such as GitHub the next time, we shouldn’t end up with two different users on the site. I should be recognized as the same user provided I am using the same email across different social platforms.

    In this tutorial, we are going to add Social Authentication to a Laravel app through Socialite, an official Laravel package which makes adding social authentication to a Laravel app a breeze.


    Overview: Social Authentication in Laravel

    We’ll be adding three …

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