Getting Started with Scala and Twilio

It’s functional, it’s object-oriented, it’s everything you never knew you wanted and more! In this post we’ll introduce Scala and give you the tools to build a Scala application that can send text messages using Twilio from the command line. Scala is a JVM language that is notable for its combination of Object Oriented and Functional programming styles. Over the last fifteen years it’s gained popularity with use… Read More

Introducing Twilio Developer Evangelist Kelley Robinson

The recession hit while I was in undergrad and my incredibly pragmatic and risk-averse self prioritized finding a job, any job, above all else. Given my business school background I was lucky to land a job on Wall Street, more specifically clearing trades for listed derivatives like Live Cattle. Working on the operations side of the business, employees were rewarded for automating their jobs away. But… Read More