Dimitri Akhrin Builds A CRM That Moves As Fast As Sales Organizations


Dimitri Akhrin calls it how he sees it. If something’s broken, he’s going to fix it — right after he finishes telling you how broken that thing is. “Traditional reporting systems looked like Windows 95,” he quips.   Akhrin saw that bank-provided portals were siloed and clunky. So, he built a system to consolidate and streamline the daily functions  of Independent Sales Organizations. His solution was… Read More

Digging Through A Treasure Trove of FiveThirtyEight Data in Python!


In 2008, Nate Silver came within one percentage point of perfectly predicting the popular vote results of the Presidential Election. In 2014, Silver’s team at FiveThirtyEight recorded exactly how many clouds Bob Ross painted over the course of his show’s 31 seasons. FiveThirtyEight is not just a crack team of data-driven journalists. They’re also caretakers of a treasure trove of data readily available for our consumption… Read More

Running Your Business From The Palm of Your Hand: Heymarket Makes SMS Scalable


On a Sunday morning, Amit got a text from the man delivering his furniture. The man wanted to apologize for last night. The two had not seen each other the previous night. This singular text vaulted Amit into a professional’s personal life. That bell can’t be unrung, but the root problem can be engineered out of existence. If you run your business from your phone, or… Read More

Saving Your Messages From The Void: TwiliQ Backs Up Your SMS


Chris Johnson is out here trying to help his fellow CTOs sleep better. Falling Asleep Counting Dependencies “The key thing, especially talking to so many startup CTOs, comes down to ‘How many things can I not have to worry about so I can sleep at night?’” says Chris. If your development nightmare becomes reality and your Twilio endpoint goes down, Twiliq is there to save the… Read More

Simply Business Revamps Their Call Center With Twilio TaskRouter


Simply Business is the UK’s leading business insurance broker, protecting over 300,000 businesses and landlords in the UK. When their customers call in, they want to make sure they have the best experience possible — no long hold times, or repeating the same information over and over. To build a better customer experience, they built a better call center using Twilio TaskRouter. In the following post,… Read More

How To Build A Conference Line With Twilio


Another conference call, another app, another PIN, another log-in. Joining conference calls shouldn’t take more than a simple a call. In a few minutes minutes, you can build a conference line anyone and everyone can use easily, even if you’ve never written a line of code in your life. Let’s Build A Conference Line Go to Twilio.com and create a new account. Then go up to… Read More

WNYC’s Note To Self Podcast Curbs Listener’s Information Overload with 300,000 Texts


Unchecked multi-tasking can (and will) turn you into someone who you don’t recognize, someone who eats peanut butter M&Ms at 10am. Every time you switch from one task to another, your brain burns through glucose. When your brain’s glucose reserves run low, you become a sugar zombie on the hunt for the fuel your brain needs to multitask. Unsurprisingly, this behavior leaves you stressed out. The… Read More

Whisbi Builds A Better Customer Engagement Experience With WebRTC and Twilio


Imagine your dream car. Now imagine you’re in the stereotypical car commercial, whipping down a windy mountain road. What color is the car? What type of upholstery did you choose? Did you go for the upgraded navigation system? Instead of managing those variables in your head, Whisbi lets you do that on screen, with a salesperson on the line to help you make your choice. Whisbi… Read More