Basic Statistics in Python with NumPy and Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter, Python and NumPy logos

While not all data science relies on statistics, a lot of the exciting topics like machine learning or analysis relies on statistical concepts. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to calculate introductory statistics in Python. What is Statistics? Statistics is a discipline that uses data to support claims about populations. These “populations” are what we refer to as “distributions.” Most statistical analysis is based on probability,… Read More

How to Build A Boba Tea Shop Finder with Python, Google Maps and GeoJSON

Boba tea

If you plant me anywhere in Manhattan, I can confidently tell you where the nearest bubble tea place is located. This may be  because I have a lot of them memorized, but for the times my memory betrays me, luckily I have the boba map on my data blog. In this tutorial, we’ll use a combination of Python, the Google Maps API, and geojsonio to create what… Read More

Analyzing Messy Data Sentiment with Python and nltk

Python plus NLTK library.

Sentiment analysis uses computational tools to determine the emotional tone behind words. This approach can be important because it allows you to gain an understanding of the attitudes, opinions, and emotions of the people in your data. At a higher level, sentiment analysis involves natural language processing and artificial intelligence by taking the text element, transforming it into a format that a machine can read, and… Read More

What’s in your Pocket? Visualizing your Reading List with Python

I’m going to give you a little bit of a spoiler alert: I’ve read the equivalent of about 14 books this past year. Now I’m not a cover-to-cover novel reading person — I consume most of my content in the form of articles and tutorials. So while I’m feverishly reading all the time I never have a sense of how much I’m actually reading. After all… Read More

Getting Started on Geospatial Analysis with Python, GeoJSON and GeoPandas

GeoSpacial Analysis In Python

As a native New Yorker, I would be a mess without Google Maps every single time I go anywhere outside the city. We take products like Google Maps for granted, but they’re an important convenience. Products like Google or Apple Maps are built on foundations of geospatial technology. At the center of these technologies are locations, their interactions and roles in a greater ecosystem of location services…. Read More