Building a World Cup Bot with Python, Twilio SMS and Slack

The World Cup. For us Brazilians, it’s like the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, World Series, and Stanley Cup, combined, multiplied by 100. For those of us diehard ‘futebol’ fans following the games in Russia from the Western hemisphere, it’s been quite the challenge keeping up since most of the games are on while we’re at work. I knew I wasn’t the only one in the office… Read More

Getting Started with Apache Spark by Analyzing Pwned Passwords

Apache Spark aims to solve the problem of working with large scale distributed data and with access to over 500 million leaked passwords we have a lot of data to dig through. If you spend any time with the password data set, you’ll notice how simple most passwords are. This is why we’re always thinking about how to encourage stronger passwords and recommend turning on Two-factor authentication everywhere it’s… Read More

Creating Mars-themed Apps with Python, Flask, Contentful and Twilio

It’s a great day at the International Spaceship Launch Station in Kampala, Uganda. The East African sky is clear blue, and the conditions for sending a crew of three to Mars are perfect. It has taken years of planning to get everything just right: the three astronauts Carolyn, Habibi and Laura have trained hard, and the best route to Mars has been calculated. But something is still missing —… Read More

Building Intelligent Transportation Hardware Systems with Python, LoRa, MQTT and Twilio Sync

What if your house was on fire and you waited for the fire truck to arrive, only to be informed that it was stuck in traffic? Traffic congestion in major cities is a bane for commuters, but as a daily affair we have all gotten used to it. When congestion meets an emergency situation, can lead to loss of lives and property. That is where an intelligent… Read More

How I keep my mom updated on my travel schedule with Python, Twilio, and Google Calendar

I travel a lot for both work and pleasure. My mom loves to know where I’m jetsetting off to and I was failing to keep her properly updated. I could share my location via Find my Friends, but that doesn’t solve the problem of upcoming travel events. I could create a shared document or calendar, but she isn’t always in front of a computer. Enter the… Read More

Data Science and Linear Algebra Fundamentals with Python, SciPy, & NumPy

Math is relevant to software engineering but it is often overshadowed by all of the exciting tools and technologies. In the field of data science, however, being familiar with linear algebra and statistics is very important to statistical analysis and prediction. In this tutorial, we’ll use SciPy and NumPy to learn some of the fundamentals of linear algebra and statistics. Getting Started We’ll  be using Python to show how… Read More

How to Build Chat into Django Applications with Twilio Programmable Chat

Looking to build a realtime chat app? Building this from scratch requires thinking about lots of concerns at once. How should you model your users? What about different channels and different access levels? How about showing which users are online and when they start typing a message? There’s these questions and a lot more to answer when building a quality chat app. That’s where Twilio Programmable Chat comes… Read More

How to receive and download picture messages in Python with Twilio MMS

Have you ever needed to programmatically download an image from an MMS message sent to your Twilio number? Well here’s all the code you need to do this using Python and Flask:

To run the above code, you’ll need to have the Twilio Python helper library installed, as well as the Flask framework. Don’t forget to replace the value of the DOWNLOAD_DIRECTORY variable with a path to… Read More