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Studio posts

  • By Nupur Vilas Bhade
    Twilio Releases: Summer 2020 Recap Twilio Releases: Summer 2020

    As a developer, you are constantly learning and looking for new tools and ways to develop faster. With the pace of new technology and features being released, sometimes it is hard to keep up. We are excited to announce Twilio Releases, a new way for you to:

    • Stay abreast of the latest APIs and features every quarter
    • Get a sneak peak into upcoming beta programs
    • Download free code samples from Twilio CodeExchange

    Twilio Releases is where you come to take your Twilio game to the next-level. 🚀

    What is “Twilio Releases”? 🤔

    Twilio Releases is a new program designed to make it easy for you to learn all about the latest APIs, features, and best practices, on the Twilio Customer Engagement Platform. Our first Twilio Releases: Summer 2020 webinar was on July 21st, where we shared the latest and greatest features of the season with our ever-growing developer community.

    If …

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  • By Andrew Milner
    Build an IVR Menu and Podcast Selector with Twilio Studio IVR Menu Podcast Studio

    In a recent blog post, about building a dial-in podcast service, I looked at accessibility; specifically, at how the trusty telephone brings us all closer, and can even make podcasts available to all, without expecting everyone to embrace computers and the internet.

    Now, it's great to cater for a non-technical audience or those who don’t have internet access, but what if the person providing the dial-in service is a bit of a techno-phobe too or is simply busy with other things (e.g. local business owners)? Or: what if you can see the potential of Twilio phone numbers for your business or club or charity, but can't afford to employ a programmer to put your ideas into practice.

    Your club secretary or church or local library – along with thousands of small businesses in the area – might have all sorts of information which they want to publicise, but …

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  • By Daizen Ikehara
    Twilio StudioフローとNode.jsを用いて外部にメッセージを発信する方法 Twilio Studio REST API Trigger

    Twilio Studioは電話着信や、SMSの受信に対する処理(フロー)を設定できるビジュアルデザインツールです。このツールを用いることでプログラミングの知識を必要とせずにフローの設定を行えます。

    多くの場合、電話着信・SMS受信に用いられますが、別のシステム(Webなど)で入力した予約の確認や、宅配便の再配達の案内など、決まったテンプレートをもとに外部に発信を行う場合にも利用することができます。今回はTwilio Studioで設定したフローを用いて宅配の再配達依頼の確認メッセージを発信する方法をご紹介します。



    • 連絡可能(SMSが受信可能)な電話番号
    • 再配達の日時(yyyy/MM/dd hh:mm:ss)

    Twilio Studioフローのインポート

    TwilioコンソールからStudioダッシュボードを開きます。これまでにStudioフローを作成したことがない場合は下記のスクリーンショットに表示されている赤色の Create a flow ボタンをクリックし、新しいFlowの作成を開始します。

    Studio Dashboard


    Studio - Add New Flow

    Flowの名前は Confirmation Flow としました。
    Studio Flow - Name

    用意されているテンプレートか …

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  • By Samuel Eddy
    Make and Receive Phone Calls with only a Phone and Twilio Studio Make and Receive Calls Studio

    Using a Twilio number to forward calls to your personal phone is a common and well documented use-case, but many Twilio customers have started asking if they can use only their cell phone to place outgoing calls with their Twilio number.

    This guide shows how to build a Studio Flow that will allow you to use your Twilio number as a full capable proxy, so you can place outgoing calls and receive incoming calls using only your personal phone.

    Things you'll need

    In order to follow this tutorial, you will need:

    The Build - Outgoing Calls

    Typically, outgoing calls are created from an application with an outbound-api call request. But what if you only have your cell phone and don’t have or want to deal with an application? Well, then you would have …

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  • By Miro Botur
    Link IVR Time/Path with Inbound Calls Using Flex Insights figure-insights-reports.bdf8b667c.png

    Want to see Twilio Flex in action? Check out our interactive demo.

    Ready to start building your contact center? We're offering $5,000 worth of free Flex Hours to help you get started. Sign up and start building with Twilio Flex!

    This post is part of a series on IVRs and Flex Insights. Learn how to track calls abandoned in your IVR here, and stayed tuned for an upcoming guide on keeping track of IVR workflow executions in Studio.

    Contact centers push for the use of self-service options to reduce the time their agents spend on handling common requests. In many cases an IVR is used to serve basic customer needs. However, to provide a good customer experience and increase the percentage of self-service inbound calls, visibility on how customers interact with an IVR is critical.

    In this guide, I’ll show you how to use Flex Insights to consume IVR …

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  • By Nikki Rubin
    Cree una aplicación sin programar: Encuestas por SMS con Twilio Studio Encuestas por SMS con Twilio Studio

    Una encuesta por SMS le podría permitir mantener una comunicación más estrecha con una audiencia conectada remotamente y acceder así a los valiosos comentarios de sus clientes en tiempo real. En este blog, crearemos una encuesta por SMS simple usando Twilio Studio. Sus encuestados pueden enviar un mensaje de texto a un número de teléfono, recibir una serie de preguntas por mensaje de texto, luego su aplicación validará las respuestas y las registrará. No se requiere programación.


    Para completar este tutorial necesitará lo siguiente:

    • Una cuenta de Twilio. Si aún no tiene una, puede usar este enlace y obtener $10 adicionales de crédito Twilio cuando realice la actualización.
    • Un número de teléfono de Twilio. Puede seguir este breve tutorial sobre cómo comprar un número si aún no tiene uno.

    Cree una aplicación sin código en Twilio Studio

    Twilio Studio es un editor gráfico y modular que le permite …

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  • By Nikki Rubin
    Build an App without Coding: Simple SMS Survey with Twilio Studio Build an App without Coding: Simple SMS Survey with Twilio Studio

    An SMS survey allows you to engage your audience remotely, so that you can access valuable customer feedback in real time. In this post, we will build a simple SMS survey using Twilio Studio. Your respondents can text a phone number, receive any series of questions or statements via text, then your app will validate their responses and log them. No coding required.


    In order to complete this tutorial you will need the following:

    • A Twilio account. If you don’t have one yet, you can use this link and get an extra $10 in Twilio credit when you upgrade.
    • A Twilio Phone number. You can follow this short how-to on purchasing a number if you do not already have one.

    Build an App with No Code in Twilio Studio

    Twilio Studio is a drag-and-drop editor that allows you to build Twilio apps and host them in the cloud. …

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  • By Daizen Ikehara
    Googleスプレッドシートのシフト表を使ってTwilio Studioフローの転送先をNode.jsから更新する方法 Twilio Studio - REST API v2

    以前の記事で、在宅勤務に伴う電話問い合わせの一時休止を解決する方法として、Twilio Studioを利用し個人電話に転送する方法を紹介しました。

    Twilio Studio - Flow





    npm i twilio



    Twilio Studio REST API v2を使ったフローの取得と更新

    今回利用するTwilio Studio REST API v2は4月末にパブリック …

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  • By Chris Feehan
    Streamline Your Flex Plugin & Functions Development Using VS Code Flex Functions VS Code

    Want to see Twilio Flex in action? Check out our interactive demo.

    Ready to start building your contact center? We're offering $5,000 worth of free Flex Hours to help you get started. Sign up and start building with Twilio Flex!

    If you’re a developer building plugins for Twilio Flex, and you have corresponding Twilio Functions that you often build in conjunction with those plugins, then being able to efficiently debug and deploy your code can give you the power to build and iterate with great efficiency.

    Over the past year, Twilio has invested in providing a CLI and a Serverless module that allow for streamlined debugging and deploying of your plugins and functions. In this blog post, I’ll show you exactly how to take full advantage of these existing capabilities.

    We’re going to be covering a very basic “hello-world” example, but the foundation you will have for debugging and deploying, …

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  • By Zack Pitts
    Automate Flow deployments with the Studio REST API v2, now in beta Automate Flow deployments with the Studio REST API v2, now in beta

    Twilio Studio has enabled thousands of developers to build and deploy complex communication workflows quickly and scale effortlessly on Twilio Runtime, our Serverless environment. Today Studio has made publishing and deployment of Flows even more powerful.

    We are pleased to announce the beta release of the Studio REST API v2, providing full support for publishing of Flows via the REST API, Twilio’s helper libraries, and the Twilio CLI.

    With the new Flows endpoint in v2, you can now easily

    • Test and deploy Flows through development, staging and production environments
    • Templatize Flows to quickly provision new subccounts
    • Integrate with your CI/CD pipeline for automated deployments and rollback
    • Update Studio Flows as part of a larger, more complex Twilio deployment (e.g. Flex)
    • Create your own custom, branded Studio front-end UI!

    What customers are saying

    Ciptex has used v2 of the Studio API to power RACE, our fast track Contact Centre platform which …
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