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Studio posts

  • By Kyle Chan
    Creating IVR Templates with Twilio Studio IVR_Studio_Header.png

    An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system is critical in reducing operational costs, and increasing customer satisfaction. This blog post will show you how you can build your own API to templatize and deploy a custom IVR system with Twilio Studio.

    Twilio Studio is our no-code visual editor for building, editing and managing workflows. Studio is used by Twilio customers of all kinds and sizes to build everything from order notifications, to conversational IVRs, to survey tools and SMS-enabled chatbots.

    This project was originally built by our team as part of an internal hackathon. Our team's goal was to enable businesses to think outside the box on how our no-code Studio application could be used to help ISV partners build enterprise grade solutions. The API we're showcasing in this blog post was accompanied by a web form where users can sign up and select which IVR flows they would like to …

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  • By Krista Goralczyk
    Passing Context from Google Dialogflow to Twilio Studio (Or, There and Back Again) Studio and Dialogflow diagram

    While building an IVR in Twilio Studio, you may run into a scenario in the flow logic that could be better handled or enhanced by incorporating conversational AI. For example, a sick patient calls a medical office and selects the IVR option to get medical advice, but still needs to describe their symptoms to get detailed help. Or, a cyclist calls their local shop, gets routed to the mechanical department, then needs to schedule a time to get their bike fixed. The caller is routed to the correct department, then describes their unique intent to the voice agent, and a natural language processing (NLP) platform picks out key words and phrases from the conversation to determine exactly what they need.

    Blending a static decision tree with a conversational bot can solve a wide range of customer needs, from common requests to detailed problem solving. Callers will appreciate getting detailed medical …

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  • By Justin Young
    Connect Twilio Flex Digital Channels to Google Dialogflow CX Flex dialogflow banner

    By the end of this blog post, you should be able to connect to your Dialogflow CX bot with any digital channel in Twilio Flex. We’ll focus on SMS here, but the same concepts can be applied for any digital channel.


    Before we can get started, you’ll have to create – or log into – a few accounts. We’ll also install Twilio’s CLI to speed development along.

    1. If you haven't yet, set up a Twilio account
    2. Set up your Google Cloud project
      1. Create a project
      2. Enable billing
      3. Enable the API (choose "No, I'm not using them" under "Are you planning to use this API with App Engine or Compute Engine?")
      4. Set up a Service Account and create a key file by navigating to the Key tab on your newly created Service Account page (json)
    3. Set up a Twilio Flex Project (click here to create a new one)
    4. Install …
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  • By Lizzie Siegle
    Automate Text Message Reminders with Airtable, Twilio Studio, and JavaScript header img automate SMS reminders with Airtable, Studio, and JavaScript

    In my last blog post on Airtable, I showed how to send a text message in under one minute with no code using the Send SMS Airtable App--but did you know that you can also write scripts in Airtable and make automations that run in a variety of intervals? In this post you’ll learn to automate text messages from Airtable using Twilio Studio and JavaScript.

    sms water reminders timed


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  • By Felipe Mora
    Cómo transferir chats de WhatsApp de un BOT a Twilio Flex Cómo transferir chats de WhatsApp de un BOT a Twilio Flex

    Uno de los casos de uso más comunes en nuestra solución de Twilio Flex es habilitar el canal de WhatsApp, y generalmente lo que se hace es iniciar una conversación desde un flujo de conversación en Studio que luego dará paso a una conversación con un agente en Twilio Flex; para ello es necesario usar el Widget de “Send to Flex” en Twilio Studio.

    Este Widget generalmente requiere de configuración extra para que funcione.

    En este tutorial, vamos a listar el paso a paso para configurar el widget correctamente para transferir chats de WhatsApp desde un flujo de Twilio Studio a Twilio Flex, complementando los pasos descritos en Twilio Flex y WhatsApp en minutos, para casos de uso en los cuales se quiera implementar un BOT antes de transferir el chat a un agente humano en Twilio Flex.

    Adicionalmente, estos pasos resuelven el error "SendToFlexWidget is not supported for …

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  • By Rosario Corres
    Como transferir chats de WhatsApp para o Twilio Flex Como transferir chats de WhatsApp para o Twilio Flex

    Um dos casos de usos mais comuns na nossa solução de Twilio Flex é habilitar o canal de WhatsApp, e geralmente o que se faz é iniciar uma conversa desde um fluxo do Twilio Studio que permitirá fazer o transbordo para um agente no Twilio Flex utilizando apenas o Widget de Send to Flex no Studio, porém esse Widget geralmente requer uma configuração extra para funcionar.

    Nesse tutorial, vamos detalhar o passo a passo para configurar o Widget corretamente para transferir chats do WhatsApp para o Flex a partir de um fluxo do Twilio Studio, complementando os passos descritos em API para WhatsApp da Twilio com o Twilio Flex em Apenas Alguns Minutos para casos de uso nos quais precise implementar um chatbot antes de realizar o transbordo para um atendente no Twilio Flex.

    Adicionalmente, esse tutorial resolve a possível mensagem de erro SendToFlexWidget is not supported for this channel/trigger …

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  • By Robert Hockley
    Creating a Emergency Outage IVR Response in Twilio Studio Article Header

    If you are part of a team that ensures the smooth operation of a contact center, you may be tasked with planning for the unknown. Surprises or rapidly changing situations are times when the value of a cloud-based voice solution shows through. In the case of an emergency — such as a weather-related closure, a facilities problem, or a personnel challenge — you may need to remotely activate a temporary change to your voice responder.

    In this article, I will use Twilio’s IVR solution to create an emergency outage message that can play for incoming callers, notifying them of an unmanned queue. This message can save customers time and frustration and give you space to ensure the health and safety of your team. If you follow along with me through the steps I present here, you’ll have a working outage message for your selected Twilio phone numbers.

    Tutorial prerequisites

    To …

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  • By Heather Hargreaves
    Integrate Discord and Sentiment Analysis with Twilio Flex Integrate Discord and Sentiment Analysis with Twilio Flex

    In this post, you will learn how to set up a Discord bot connected to Flex so agents can chat directly with customers on that platform, while pulling in sentiment analysis of previous messages. You will learn how to use IBM’s Tone Analyzer API and Segment to calculate a user’s sentiment from their texts in a Discord channel.

    Originally this project was created as a part of the 2021 Solutions Engineering Hackathon. We pared our original project down to the following for simplicity’s sake and to distill the project’s essence, which is to help contact center teams interact with customers directly in Discord. To see the original contents of the project, see this Github repo.

    To see a demo of the original project and background on why we chose Discord, check out this quick video below.

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  • By Ashley Boucher
    Save your Twilio Studio Chatbot Data to Airtable using Node.js and Twilio Functions halloweetchatbot2.png

    If you’ve built a chatbot or application flow with Twilio Studio, an integral part of bringing your app into production is being able to store relevant user data and access data you need to remit to your user. This means you need a database.

    In this article, you’ll learn how to use Twilio Functions and Node.js to store and access data in an Airtable base. This article builds off the specific example project created in Build a Trick or Treat Chatbot with Twilio Studio and Functions, and Node.js.

    To follow along step by step with this article, having built the Trick or Treat chatbot will be required, but if not, have no fear! This article contains valuable information about connecting with and using the Airtable API with Node.js for all readers.


    To get started with this tutorial, you’ll need the following:

    • A free Twilio account ( …
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  • By Ashley Boucher
    Build a Trick or Treat Chatbot with Twilio Studio and Functions, and Node.js halloweenchatbot1.png

    With Halloween around the corner, I decided I wanted to build a chatbot to help people find trick or treat locations in their neighborhood. The idea was that a user could send an SMS to the chatbot’s phone number and interact with the bot to either find trick or treat locations, or add their location to the list of places giving out candy or hosting spooky events.

    In this article, you’ll learn how to build a chatbot like mine that you can customize however you like.


    To get started with this tutorial, you’ll need the following:

    Overview of the chatbot architecture

    The chatbot you’re about to build will use the …

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