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Video posts

  • By Guifré Ballester Basols
    External Storage for Video Recordings is Available to All Customers Copy of Copy of C02 Blog Text.png

    We’re excited to announce that a major feature for Video Recordings is now generally available:

    • External Storage with AWS S3: Customers can configure the Recording service to push Recordings or Compositions directly to their AWS S3 Bucket of choice.

    By default, the media capture pipeline with the Recordings service was stored in AWS S3 within the Twilio Cloud. Now, builders can request to turn on the external storage and instead store the media recording in the AWS S3 bucket designated by them. With this new media storage pipeline feature, the builders only need to call the new APIs to start the media capture and no longer need to worry about extra developments.

    How does External AWS S3 Storage work?

    By default, Recordings and Compositions are stored within the Twilio Cloud. With this new feature, developers can define their preferred AWS S3 bucket for their Video Recordings or Compositions files. …

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  • By Arnaud Phommasone
    Create a Chat Room App with Twilio Video and Flutter / BLoC Create a Chat Room App with Twilio Video and Flutter / BLoC

    In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to create a video chat room mobile app with Twilio Video and Flutter. The app will be implemented with the Business Logic Components pattern, known as BLoC. BLoC is a design pattern created by Google to help separate business logic from the presentation layer and enable a developer to reuse code more efficiently. Flutter is Google’s free, open-source UI toolkit for building applications for mobile, web, and desktop from one single codebase.

    In this tutorial, you’ll create a Flutter app which will use an unofficial Flutter package for interfacing with Twilio Video, and you will allow users of this app to host a call and be joined by multiple other users. The tutorial will focus more on creating a serverless endpoint to get access tokens for our users to connect and enter the same chat room, which will …

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  • By Kris Ali
    Level Up Your Gaming Engagements with Twilio Level up your gaming engagements with twilio

    Twilio is uniquely positioned to support the rapid growth of the gaming industry by securing online accounts, providing live engagement through various communication channels, and streamlining contact centers and email marketing. In this blog we will cover a variety of ways to use Twilio to engage with your players and enhance their gaming experiences!

    The global gaming market is estimated to be 268.8 billion U.S. dollars annually in 2025, up from 178 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. North America is projected to remain the top-grossing gaming market worldwide despite strong growth in the Asian region.

    The gaming industry is accelerating at an unprecedented rate largely due to the pandemic. Both regular and casual gamers wanting to socialize with their friends and family have increased their gaming participation significantly. Many first-time gamers were introduced over the past year. Largely untapped segments such as people aged 45+ have seen an increase …

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  • By Mariana Lopez
    5 Video UX Tips for Your Telehealth App 5 Video UX Tips for Your Telehealth App

    Building a quality telehealth application is about much more than getting the video to work. It’s about creating a reliable and trustworthy experience between a patient and their healthcare provider. Meeting tools may have the ability to deliver face-to-face video consultations but lack the crucial touchpoints in a patient's journey that your users deserve.

    In short: There’s more on the line with a healthcare application, so solid user experience (UX) design is critical. Thoughtful UX design in your telehealth application will help build trust between the medical professionals and patients and make for a more successful healthcare visit. The following UX tips will help you design a high-quality telehealth application using Twilio Programmable Video.

    1. Consider video placement


    The nature of a telehealth application makes how you design your video placement critical.

    Let’s assume you have 2 people with their cameras on in a telehealth visit: A medical professional …

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  • By Nathalia Velez Ryan
    HIPAA-Compliant Video Conferencing HIPAA video

    In 2020, when so many aspects of life moved to virtual spaces, we became more reliant on online tools like video conferencing than ever before. Video conferencing has proven to be an effective way to engage customers in all kinds of industries and has particular staying power in healthcare.

    Telehealth has become an increasingly popular option for patients and providers to connect virtually—a big priority in the midst of a global pandemic. One of the biggest concerns when it comes to virtual communication is data security, which is especially vital in the healthcare industry due to the handling of sensitive data. That’s where HIPAA comes in.

    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), signed into law in 1996, aims to provide security and data privacy protections in the healthcare industry. Any covered entities and business associates that process patient data, known as protected health information or personal health information …

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  • By Sean Coleman
    高品質なビデオ体験を大規模に提供〜Video Insights機能の知見を活用 Build High Quality Video Experiences at Scale with Video Insights, Now in Public Beta JP

    この記事は、プロダクト担当のSean Colemanが、こちら(英語)で執筆した記事を日本語化したものです。

    Twilio VideoサービスにてVideo Insightsがパブリックベータ版としてご利用いただけるようになりました。

    Video Insightsは、Twilioコンソールからアクセス可能なダッシュボード機能として提供され、ビデオアプリケーションの使用状況や品質を確認したり、ビデオセッションに関連したRooms(ルーム)やParticipants(参加者)の傾向を把握できます。また問題が発生した際には、簡単に解析・解決することができます。これにより、お客様のビデオ体験の品質向上、Twilio Videoサービスが利用されなくなる状況の回避、急速な規模拡大を安心して実施いただけることにつながります。

    Twilioは、お客様に最高のデベロッパーエクスペリエンスを提供するよう努めています。これは、革新的なビデオ体験を構築し、市場投入までの時間を短縮するためのプラットフォームとツールキットを提供することを意味しますが、ポイントは、お客様のビデオ体験の質を犠牲にすることなく、貴社のビデオアプリケーションサービスを迅速かつ確実に拡張するために必要なツールを提供する点にあります。Video Insightsは、グループ、P2P、および WebRTC Go の各ビデオルーム種別の開発者に、追加費用なしで今すぐご利用を開始いただけます。

    この記事では、まず今回リリースのハイライトと主要機能を紹介し、その後Video Insightsを今すぐ使い始める方法を …

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  • By Pedro Ruiz
    8 Things Product Owners Should Consider With Video Apps 8 Things Product Owners Should Consider With Video Apps

    Video applications are critical in today’s technology landscape and have played a crucial role in getting the world through the COVID-19 pandemic. Twilio Programmable Video is a great way to get started with building live video apps, in part because it’s straightforward for developers to use. Still, when building a live video application, there are important things that a product owner should consider.

    Below, I’ve shared 8 items that other product owners and leads should consider when using video in their application.

    8 video app considerations for product owners

    Let’s look at the top items you should consider with your video applications.

    1. End-user demographics

    Who will use your video application determines a lot, including how to design it and other important features.

    Is your application going to be used by medical professionals or techies? Does your user base consist of Baby Boomers or Generation Z? Each of those …

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  • By Mia Adjei
    Add a Volume Slider to Your Livestream App Add a Volume Slider to Your Livestream App

    If you've had a chance to try out my previous video livestreaming tutorial, you might already know how to build your own Twilio Live video streaming application with experiences for both the streamer and the audience.

    In the starter project, however, the audience members do not yet have a way to control the volume of the livestream they are listening to from the UI of your application. This quick tutorial will build on the previous one, showing you how to add a volume slider to the audience side of your application.

    Let's get started!


    • A free Twilio account. (If you register here, you'll receive $10 in Twilio credit when you upgrade to a paid account!)
    • Node.js v14+ and npm installed on your machine.
    • ngrok
    • The code from the previous tutorial. Clone the repository here and follow the steps in README.md to get set up.

    Add an input …

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  • By Mia Adjei
    Build an Audio Livestream App with Twilio Live Build an Audio Livestream App with Twilio Live

    The amount of online audio content and livestreams is increasing every day. More and more, people are tuning into audio for news, music, fitness, study, and entertainment. So if you have been thinking about creating something in the audio space, maybe you have considered building your own live audio application.

    Perhaps you've already explored Twilio Live to livestream your video feed or create a live screen share. But did you know you can use Twilio Live to create an audio-only experience as well?

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to build an audio livestream application with Twilio Live and React, and then deploy it using Twilio Functions and the Twilio Serverless Toolkit. This will allow you to start sharing your live audio with your friends and community right away. In this project, you'll also use the Twilio Paste design system to quickly build and style your …

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  • By Hiroto Masaki
    Twilio SIGNAL 2021 イベント〜製品アナウンスの振り返り twilio-signal2021-recapBlog4-header-jp

    SIGNAL 2021 カンファレンスのブログシリーズ、第4回目となります。

    SIGNAL 2021を振り返るブログシリーズを、第1回(Twilio SIGNAL 2021 カンファレンスの超速報)、第2回(Twilio SIGNAL 2021 〜 基調講演の振り返り)、第3回(SIGNAL TVをMCの立場から振り返る)と投稿してきました。第3回目までで、カンファレンスイベント期間中のプロダクト系のアナウンスの幾つかについて既にカバーしていますが、今回は未だカバーしきれていない以下のアナウンスについて触れていきたいと思います。

    • Twilio Verifyの機能強化を3点(WhatsApp、TOTP、BYOT)
    • Twilio Video Insights機能
    • Twilio SendGrid EmailのDeliverability Insights機能
    • プログラム「CodeExchange for Good」

    Twilio Verifyの機能強化を3点(WhatsApp、TOTP、BYOT)

    先ずTwilio Verifyについてです。Twilio Verifyは二要素認証をマルチチャネルで実現するマネージド型のアカウントセキュリティー系プロダクトです。プロダクト全般としてはこれまでも正式リリース提供しています。二要素認証におけるワンタイムパスコード(OTP)生成・管理のロジックが自社提供可能な場合、Twilio Programmable SMSサービスと組み合わせることでエンドツーエンドで二要素認証機能を自社提供できます。しかし、そもそもOTPの生 …

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