Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform


Agent workload reporting in Flex Insights Beta

Flex Insights now supports detailed intraday reporting of agent workload. Workload reporting enables supervisors and data analysts to see which conversations the agents spent their time working on during the day with 15 minute interval granularity. Workload reporting is especially powerful in contact centers with long conversations that can be leveraged by Workforce Management applications to predict load and monitor schedule adherence. The time spent working on conversations can be filtered and segmented by direction, queue, agents, and all the other attributes available in Flex Insights.

Flex Insights now also reports on how many conversations agents worked in parallel at a specific moment. This gives visibility into how efficiently their time is used in multi-tasking environments. You can also report how much time agents spend idle - handling no conversation during their working hours.

For more information see workload reporting documentation.