Twilio Changelog

Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

Phone Numbers

Changes to the Emergency Calling API GA

Customers associating emergency addresses with their phone numbers don’t have to set EmergencyStatus to Active in the IncomingPhoneNumbers resource of the Phone Numbers API. Attempting to set the EmergencyStatus to Active or Inactive will be ignored, and will not have any effect on the enablement or disablement of emergency calling. 

When fetching an Incoming Phone Number, a new parameter EmergencyAddressStatus is returned with the registration status of the emergency address with the values registered, unregistered, pending-registration, pending-unregistration, registration-failure, and unregistration-failure.

Voice customers with US and Canada phone numbers should provide their accurate physical address to comply with the FCC and CRTC E911 rules. If you make a 911 call from a US or Canada phone number without a registered emergency address, Twilio will pass through a $75 fee per 911 call for the call to be delivered to a national emergency location center where a trained agent will ask for the emergency location.

For additional information, check our SIP Trunking and Programmable Voice documentation.