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Additions and changes to the Twilio platform

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Runtime Handler version 1.1.1 is now available

Runtime Handler version 1.1.1 has bug fixes and minor improvements.

This version is backward compatible and is available on the Serverless API and the New UI Editor. This handler version is not compatible with Functions(Classic).

To use the new handler version, go to the Dependencies tab, update @twilio/runtime-handler to 1.1.1, and create a new deployment. This handler version requires the Twilio SDK version 3.50.0 or later.

Documentation for Runtime Handler and detailed instructions on how to use the Runtime Handler with the Serverless Toolkit can be found in our docs.

Following our earlier announcement, we have applied a Content Security Policy to all Flex applications on This restricts Flex from being rendered in an iframe on unregistered external domains. To continue using Flex within an iframe, including through Salesforce and Zendesk integrations, admins must register their external domains on the Flex Settings page. We have updated our Content Security Policy to prevent potential phishing attacks or abuse by malicious third parties.

Refer to our documentation for more details.


Emergency calls will always be delivered for Twilio phone numbers in the US and Canada using Elastic SIP Trunking. 

If your Twilio phone number used to call 911 does not have an emergency dispatchable address, the call will be routed to a national emergency call center where a trained agent will ask for the caller’s name, phone number and location.

To associate an emergency address with your Twilio phone number, check out our docs and API.

Elastic SIP Trunking

SIP Call ID Included In Elastic SIP Trunking Call Log GA

The Call Log for Elastic SIP Trunking now can be customized to show the SIP Call ID related to your call. This value can be toggled into the columns of your Call Log using the new Configure Columns button located on the right side of the Filter pane to include the new value. You can now use this value in conjunction with the Call Log search bar that accepts SIP Call ID as a value as well. SIP Call ID values are protected under our GDPR policy and will only be available to view or search for for 30 days from the time the call is placed. For more information about troubleshooting your calls with Twilio’s Elastic SIP Trunking Call Logs please see our user documentation.

Twilio Organizations is now Generally Available GA

Organizations is a new structure that helps companies of all sizes manage their users and accounts on Twilio.

Customers can now create an umbrella Organization under which all of their users and accounts can belong. Additionally, customers can register their company domain(s) so that new users and accounts automatically become part of the Organization. This means spending less time switching between multiple accounts to find the right one.

This functionality is especially useful for customers who manage large numbers of accounts and users, and it lays the foundation for Twilio to build functionality for our customers at the organizational level.

Organizations are managed through Admin Center, a new Console UI that’s available to all customers. 

Learn more about this feature in the Organizations documentation

Programmable Video

Virtual Background JavaScript library now generally available GA

Today we are making the video processors JavaScript library for Twilio Video generally available. This add-on library contains processors for background blur and background replacement. It is used in conjunction with the Video Processor API in the Video JavaScript SDK. 

The library provides a simple way to add virtual background support to your video application and allow your users to present a professional look when working from home or on-the-go. No separate download or browser plugin is required and the functionality can be added with a few lines of code. 

For more information on this feature, see our blog post here or review the documentation here


Runtime Handler Version 1.1.0 is Now Available

Runtime Handler version 1.1.0 leverages lazy-loading to improve the cold start time and latency of Functions that use the Twilio SDK. This version is backward compatible and is available on the Serverless API and the New UI Editor. This handler version is not compatible with Functions(Classic).

To use the new handler version, go to the Dependencies tab, update @twilio/runtime-handler to 1.1.0, and create a new deployment. This handler version requires the Twilio SDK version 3.50.0 or later.

Documentation for Runtime Handler and detailed instructions on how to use the Runtime Handler with the Serverless Toolkit can be found in our docs.

CSV Download for Super SIM in Console Beta

You can now download information about your Super SIMs from the Console in the form of a CSV file. This file will include information regarding each of your Super SIM’s ICCID, status, and Fleet configuration properties. You will be able to limit which SIMs are included in the CSV file by applying a filter (by Status, by Fleet, by Order) before initiating the download. 

You can find the download button on the upper right corner of the Super SIM list view.

Super SIM CSV Download

Twilio SendGrid Platform

New Twilio SendGrid Docs Site! GA

Access Twilio SendGrid documentation through a new, streamlined Twilio docs experience, offering enhanced discoverability and new features such as auto-generated code samples. Links will be redirected to the appropriate location in the new Twilio docs site.

Quick reply and call to action buttons can now be added to WhatsApp message templates when they are created in the Twilio Console. Buttons make it easy for businesses to streamline customer responses and guide their customers through conversational interactions, or drive them towards desired outcomes to improve engagement. Quick reply buttons let businesses define standard responses that users can tap to send. Call to action buttons trigger a phone call or direct users to a website when tapped.

To learn more about this exciting feature, check out our blog post or try it out for yourself today!

Marketing Campaigns

40+ New Email Templates available in the Design Library GA

Our library of 40+ free, responsive email templates is now available in the Design Library. Templates can be used for Single Sends, Automations, and Dynamic Templates. Sort through available templates using the refreshed categories menu on the left hand side of the library.

We have updated all Flex projects that use Automatic Updates to Flex UI 1.26.

This release of Flex UI and WebChat UI upgrades Browser Notifications and Markdown to Generally Available. These features improve agent efficiency and customer experience for messaging interactions.

Markdown support allows agents to format Web Chat messages. This can improve the readability of longer messages. Using bold text, italics, or bulleted lists can create structure and emphasis in your agents' messages, and ensure that customers read and understand the message correctly.

Browser notifications help agents respond to tasks that require their attention in a timely manner and not miss any customer interaction when they are not focused on Flex.

Visit the Flex settings to enable these features on your account.

Other notable changes in Flex UI 1.26: 

  • Error reporting - Flex now reports on errors that are generated within the UI. This will help us continuously improve the quality of the application and get more insights into issues that need troubleshooting. To read more about ways to troubleshoot Flex UI, including how you can opt out of error reporting, visit our Flex docs.
  • Transfer directory hidden filters - Now you can programmatically pre-filter the list of agents or queues in the transfer directory. Agents accessing the directory to initiate a call transfer will view and search only within the prefiltered subset. For example, you can choose to only display agents who are available. To learn more about Transfer directory hidden filters, visit our Flex docs.

For a full changelog, visit the release notes for our client libraries:

Flex UI 1.26

Flex Webchat 2.9

Reminder: You can pin to individual versions of the Flex UI or manage your Automatic Updates within the Flex Admin UI.

On 8 July 2021 we will change the billing behavior for completed outbound calls.

Programmable Voice calls are charged based on the status of the call and its duration. For some Programmable Voice outbound call flows Twilio has not been billing for completed calls that had a duration of less than one second. In these cases, calls have been connecting and completing with sub-second durations and our systems has not had the precision to bill for these sub-second increments. 

Effective 8 July 2021 Twilio will be updating our systems to round the duration of any completed sub-second call up to 1 second and emit a billing event for those calls.

Flex projects have been updated so that only a single TaskRouter Workspace may be used. This aligns the TaskRouter API with the Flex Fair Usage Policy.

In situations where you are attempting to use multiple TaskRouter Workspaces to test development ideas, we recommend dedicating an entire Twilio account as a development environment. Multiple TaskRouter Workspaces can continue to be used in non-Flex accounts.

Twilio has completed validation of the integration between Flex and Spoke Phone. Spoke Phone is a Unified Communications (UC) / Private Branch Exchange (PBX) built on Twilio and fully integrated into Flex. Spoke provides features such as a directory list with presence for back-office workers, the ability to transfer calls between Spoke users and Flex users, as well as business continuity options for Flex users.

To learn more about Spoke Phone's capabilities and how to enable it for your application, visit our integration documentation.

Twilio SendGrid Platform

Retiring Email Previews for outdated devices Deprecated

In preparation for the arrival of iOS 15 and other email device testing options, we will be retiring some out-of-date devices. The following Apple devices will be retired and no longer available:

  • iPhone 11 iOS13
  • iPhone 11 Pro iOS 13
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max iOS 13
  • iPhone XR iOS13
  • iPhone XR Dark Mode iOS13
  • iPhone XS Max iOS13
  • iPhone 7 iOS12
  • iPhone 8 iOS12
  • iPhone 8 iOS13
  • iPhone 8 Plus iOS12
  • iPhone 8 Plus iOS13
  • iPhone 7 Plus iOS12
  • iPhone SE iOS12
  • iPhone X iOS12
  • iPhone XS iOS13

Marketing Campaigns

Exclude Recipients from Single Sends GA

You can now exclude contacts from a Single Send based on list or segment membership. Any contacts on an exclusion list or segment who are also on any of your ‘Send To’ lists or segments will not receive the Single Send. You can exclude up to 5 segments or 50 lists.

The ability to exclude contacts from a send can help with many marketing use cases. For example, a marketer might manage sending frequency by excluding contacts who were sent another marketing email within the past 3 days. Or, they might re-send a promotion to a set list of contacts, excluding those who were sent the first Single Send email.

On 1 July 2021 Twilio will stop sending HTTP request parameters to <Play> files contained with a <Gather> using speech recognition.

For some call flows using <Gather> with speech recognition Twilio has been passing HTTP parameters when fetching <Play> files. This behavior was not deliberate and can cause issues with pre-signed URLs. An upcoming release will change this behavior and Twilio will no longer pass these parameters. 

If your application has been designed in a manner that the HTTP parameters passed in the request to <Play> files is driving your application logic, you will need to update your code by 1 July 2021.

Programmable Voice

Upcoming changes to <Dial> verb URL parameter behavior GA

On 1 July 2021 we will make a change to the list of TwiML verbs that are allowed to be returned in the url parameter of <Dial> nouns. 

The TwiML <Number>, <Client>, <Queue>, and <Sip> nouns allow developers to provide a url parameter that will execute when the called party answers. The url parameter is typically used as a call screening option to <Play> or <Say> notifications to callers about the incoming call, or <Gather> is used to retrieve input from the called party before bridging the calls.

We are making a change to prohibit the execution of any <Dial> verbs returned by the noun url instruction. Returning a <Dial> verb in the noun url can result in costly call loops that result in significant billed usage on the account.

We are unaware of any valid use cases for this behavior, but we are publishing this changelog in the spirit of no shenanigans.

Flex projects upgraded after June 1 will no longer include Autopilot usage as part of the Flex Fair Usage Policy, and Video usage will be covered as a "premium product" with limits outlined in our published policy. Existing, upgraded Flex projects will not be impacted by these changes.

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