CustomerAI: Treat every customer like the only one

CustomerAI: Treat every customer like the only one
November 20, 2023
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Today’s consumers are quick to act when they find what they want. They are also quick to walk away when they don’t.

Consumers are pros at swiping through content and hyper aware of how brands engage with them. All it takes is one irrelevant ad or untimely message and—poof!—they’re gone. Generic communication doesn’t cut it anymore.

Here’s the main issue: According to Twilio’s 2023 State of Customer Engagement Report , 91% of brands report that they often or always personalize engagement with consumers, while only 56% of consumers agree.

Where’s the disconnect? Companies have been collecting data on their customers since the dawn of direct marketing. But in the digital era, gathering information is only the first step. Truly knowing your customer requires that all of your existing tools—including your CRM, marketing suite, and contact center—are capturing and integrating customer insights. That way, you can create an accurate picture of who they are and what they want.

That’s the power of CustomerAI from Twilio. It enables businesses to gain clear, trusted, and unprecedented understanding of every individual customer at scale—all in real time. Not just what they want, but how and why they engage, so that you can proactively deliver timely, tailored experiences they’ll love.

Data without insight is useless. Insight without action is deadweight. Instead of flailing in an endless sea of data, companies can leverage CustomerAI to sail through customer journeys that deliver better experiences and ultimately convert.

With CustomerAI, companies can combine living customer data and real-time engagement insight with bleeding-edge intelligence. Together, they enable personalized experiences that allow marketers to grow customer trust, optimize every interaction, and drive meaningful business results.

Because personalization builds trust. 86% of consumers say that personalized experiences increase their loyalty to specific brands.

Unlocking the potential of every customer in real time doesn’t start with better campaigns, better agents, or better tools—it starts with better data. CustomerAI’s unique ability to combine structured data with valuable, unstructured context from conversations and interactions creates a deeper understanding that drives better customer engagement.

Creating a perfect circle of data and communications

Customer and engagement data together provides far better intelligence models and ROI than common customer data alone. In fact, 60% of brands say that investing in a digital customer engagement service like Twilio has improved their ability to meet changing customer needs—and 90% say it has increased revenue.

CustomerAI accelerates the flywheel that is created when data and communications come together. While tools like CRM provide the ability to track and store details about a customer relationship, they don’t provide the real-time context needed to truly understand customer intent.

Every interaction with a customer fuels a deeper, more intimate understanding of who they are and what they need. This flywheel generates better engagement, increases loyalty, and consistently delivers better business outcomes.

Generating efficient marketing with AI

CustomerAI works by combining the power of large language models (LLMs) with real-time customer and communications data to unlock the potential of every customer. It boosts operational efficiency and productivity by leveraging predictive and generative AI to help marketers quickly create content, campaigns, and customer journeys.

With CustomerAI, content creation becomes faster and easier. It can autonomously generate text, images, and even videos based on predefined guidelines and data inputs. Marketing and creative teams can stop spending hours on laborious tasks and focus instead on more strategic and creative endeavors.

CustomerAI can also swiftly develop personalized and highly targeted campaigns that drive higher engagement and conversion rates.

It streamlines customer journeys that lead to greater customer satisfaction and loyalty by:

  • Automating decision-making processes
  • Analyzing customer interactions and preferences in real time
  • Providing seamless and highly personalized experiences

Ensuring consumer data privacy and transparency

98% of consumers want brands to do more to guarantee the privacy of their data, as well as be more transparent about how their data is used. But how can consumers trust companies with AI capabilities?

Twilio’s approach to CustomerAI supports the compliant and responsible use of customer data. The company has adopted a set of CustomerAI trust principles that guide its use of AI capabilities. They are:


Being completely clear about AI usage and giving customers the ability to control their data.


Selecting responsible AI vendors and helping customers use AI in a way that respects privacy, keeps data secure, and minimizes the risk of bias or other harms.


Monitoring the functioning of AI to address harms and fitness for purpose in partnership with AI vendors and customers.

Unlocking the full potential of your customers

By helping companies understand customers on a profound level, CustomerAI deepens customer interactions and helps foster genuine relationships. Ultimately, this approach is good for business, good for marketers, and good for customers.

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