How voice can help you build an unforgettable customer experience

December 15, 2023
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Customer expectations are rapidly on the rise, as basic satisfaction indicators like quality products and fair pricing are swamped by faster response times, personalized services, and the ability to reach brands across multiple digital channels. Businesses need to keep pace – or they risk losing out to competitors.

But many are falling short. In an Accenture survey of 25,000 global consumers, around two-thirds felt that companies are not responding fast enough to their changing needs. Building a solid customer service offering starts with finding out what these needs are – but how can this be accurately determined?

Data insights are the foundations of a stronger customer service strategy, but many businesses haven’t tapped into their potential. The fact is, customer interactions – whether via live chat or social media – hold a host of valuable information from preferences to satisfaction levels.

In an age where social media is a preferred contact method, call data is often an untapped resource. Using AI voice intelligence, these interactions can be analyzed to deliver a personalized service tailored to what the customer really wants.

Made-to-measure conversations

Building an effective voice experience starts with choosing the right software. Today, there are a wide variety of options in the market to help you analyze interactions and make necessary adjustments.

Twilio’s communication tools help you turn unstructured voice calls into actionable data insights. Voice Intelligence can transcribe and analyze customer interactions at scale and identify key trends. Are your customers mentioning a competitor’s lower price? How do they want to be contacted? What are some common complaints, and what subjects do they want to hear more about?

Leveraging conversation data in this way not only helps agents solve queries faster, but that they can identify areas of improvement and maximize customer satisfaction. Whether that’s matching a lower rate elsewhere or following up on a specific product via email, it can deliver an entirely bespoke, data-driven experience.

Putting the customer in control

It’s not just call centre agents and business owners who are equipped to find solutions to customer issues. Now, anyone can have full autonomy over their phone calls with the use of a modern interactive voice response, or IVR.

Advances in technology mean customers can accomplish entire tasks on their own. Natural language AI first analyzes a user’s sentiment and determines their objective. Bots then provide tailored automated responses to facilitate requests like booking flights, scheduling appointments, and making a purchase over the phone.

Today’s modern marketers are taking IVR a step further. Phone polls and surveys are a sure-fire way to unveil customer likes, interests, and demographics. Following a recent transaction or interaction with your customer service department, IVR can ask open-ended questions to collect real-time feedback to help your business adapt to your customer’s ever-changing needs.

Voice solutions to suit everyone

Twilio Voice gives you the tools you need to build bespoke voice experiences that meet and exceed customer expectations. Using our AI solutions, you can spend more time delivering memorable customer experiences, and less time building those experiences from scratch.

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