Find your voice: why customer conversations are your best new data source

December 15, 2023
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Many businesses pride themselves on their customer service. They answer queries promptly, resolve issues effectively, and are keen to continually improve their products following feedback. That said, just as many businesses are unaware of the importance of one key area of customer service: call data.

While most businesses understand the importance of customer interactions, call data is often an untapped resource. Sometimes, this is because decision-makers don’t know what to do with it. Other times, this is because they don’t realize how useful it can be. And often, businesses don’t have the tools to sift through the sheer volume of conversation data and identify meaningful insights.

Whatever the reason, customer service interactions are brimming with useful information. In fact, call data can shed light on everything from preferences to competition information and satisfaction levels.

What do customers want?

Call data can help you better understand customer needs. From smaller things like logging contact preferences to bigger things like gauging overall satisfaction levels, the right insights can really help.

How do your customers feel about certain products? Are there any frequently cited pain points? Are your customers happy to be called back, or would they prefer an email?

Leveraging conversation data can help you deliver a smoother, more satisfactory customer experience on the individual level. But it can also help you understand how customers feel about products or services, and make data-driven improvements in response.

That’s competitive talk

You might know a lot about your competitors – but you can bet your customers do too. In fact, your customers almost certainly mention them when calling your contact center – and it’s crucial to keep track of when they do.

After all, if a customer talks about another company’s lower price, more favorable delivery terms, or a stronger interest rate, you need to know. The reason? It can give you a better lay of the land, help you understand your own positioning within the market, and support with more informed decision-making.

It’s all about customization

Customer expectations are always changing. For this reason, your customer conversation data software should come with the ability to set bespoke parameters.

This can take many shapes. A bank might highlight an interest rate objection from a customer, allowing them to identify alternative rates and win the opportunity. A retailer might hone in on the name of a competitor, allowing them to identify suitable alternatives or add-ons for cross-sell opportunities.

Whatever you do, you need to tailor your software to your needs. This way, you’ll get the most value out of the tools and uncover new opportunities that may otherwise be missed.

Good listening, good business

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