Extend Your Contact Center With Twilio Flex Ecosystem Partners

December 15, 2020
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Modern contact centers depend on a wide variety of solutions, channels, and integrations, to create differentiated experiences that drive customer engagement.

At SIGNAL 2020, we launched the Twilio Flex Ecosystem to streamline the discovery, integration, and implementation of partner solutions that enhance the Twilio Flex platform. The Twilio Flex Ecosystem enables customers to implement solutions using validated integrations, that are developed to work like a natural extension of Twilio Flex contact centers.

Ecosystem Partners provide solutions that can benefit the customer journey, across every Twilio Flex channel. We have partnered with a diverse set of technology providers, including: Calabrio OneAcqueon Outbound Campaign Management, Google Cloud AI, and Glance 1-Click Connect, to provide integrations tailored to Twilio Flex.

These solutions were developed to work seamlessly across Twilio Flex channels and the programmable agent desktop, to enable customers to customize the functionality of their contact center. Twilio Flex customers can utilize Calabrio Workforce Engagement Management to automate forecasting, scheduling, and quality management across every Flex channel. Or integrate Acqueon Engagement to deploy predictive dialing, omnichannel campaign management, and bring purpose-built widgets into the Twilio Flex Agent Desktop to manage outbound workflows. With Twilio Flex, customers can build their ideal contact center using Twilio channels and integrate Ecosystem Partner solutions to create the customer and agent experience they need.

Twilio Ecosystem Partners

Validating the integration is a joint effort, with both Twilio and Ecosystem Partners playing key roles in designing the integration and implementation guide. Our validation process details the integration architecture, including integration touchpoints, to ensure that all security and privacy compliance are met and documented, prior to launch.  

Implementing solutions is also done in collaboration with the Ecosystem Partner, or certified System integrator, to expedite time to deployment in Twilio Flex. Customers can work with Ecosystem Partners to engage any professional services that are required during integration. Once implementation is complete, Twilio Flex customers can rely on Ecosystem Partners to provide ongoing technical support for the solution. 

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Have existing integrations that you want to migrate to Twilio Flex? No worries! The Twilio Flex platform is solution-agnostic and enables customers to migrate existing solutions into their contact centers, or add functionality by selecting vendors that best fit their needs.

Customers can learn more about Twilio Flex Ecosystem Partners by visiting the Twilio Showcase or by reaching out to Twilio Sales.

Interested in joining the Twilio Flex Ecosystem? The Twilio Flex Ecosystem Program is expanding in 2021 To learn more about partnering with Twilio Flex and start the validation process, please email ecosystempartners@twilio.com.