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May 08, 2023
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There’s a moment in most romantic movies where you know, you just know, that the main character is going to bag the best love interest. They’ll end up together and live, excuse the cliché, happily ever after. But before that moment comes, our enamored protagonists have to learn a few heartwarming lessons along the way. That’s what we saw in the recent Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by Twilio.

Let’s set the scene. Before a charming meet cute with Twilio Messaging, our composite client protagonist faces a wall of obstacles (inefficient products, deliverability issues, scaling pains, inefficiency, and lack of visibility) that hold them back from pursuing their goals. Despite the odds, our couple falls for each other (and seals the deal by purchasing Twilio Messaging). Our movie ends with a glimpse into their mutually beneficial future (and the return on investment of their partnership). Isn’t it romantic? *dreamy sigh*

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Of course, every good romance movie features classic tropes we’ve grown to appreciate. The composite organization that Forrester Consulting compiled from existing interviewed Twilio customers explored several that you might be familiar with. Let’s explore:

Twilio Messaging, will you really BE THERE for us?

The study’s composite client interviewees shared that they were looking for a solution that would be both operationally sound and perform as expected — like any good partner, really. Helping them scale while ensuring our platform performed in the same capacity they expected was the only way to ensure the relationship would last. The director of engineering at a healthcare organization said:

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Are you waiting with baited breath to see how this movie ends? I thought so.

Well, it turns out that while choosing a stable messaging partner didn’t create on-screen drama, it did make the composite organization money. According to the TEI study, the net margin value of $1.4M over three years due to increased deliverability over previous providers meant the total revenue benefit of using Twilio Messaging was actually $14M for our composite client. *swoon*

$14M total revenue benefit of using Twilio Messaging!

Who do I choose? A Twilio Messaging love triangle

So often, you see a love triangle of potential sweethearts on the silver screen and you’re not sure who the protagonist (Twilio client) should choose. One option seems like a good fit, until “the one” comes along and shows their true colors. Sometimes, I like to imagine the chaos of what would happen if they did choose what we see as the less desirable suitor, or in this case, fail to choose Twilio Messaging. Well, the head of customer messaging from a financial services team stated in the TEI study:

Customer quote with a paper airplane animated.

When potential reduction in overall unit cost like this is on the table, it’s hard not to fall in love with all that Twilio Messaging offers.

Even if you’re too busy for love, Twilio Messaging can help

Ok, picture this: the scene pans to reveal a single parent emerging from a messy minivan. They’re trying to run around and take care of their youngsters, hold down a job, and find just a few darn minutes for themselves.

You don’t have time to find the right partner! Sound familiar? Busy business leaders are just trying to do their best for the company. There’s no time to mess around with complicated integrations, and custom development. But luckily for you, finding the right messaging partner is a little easier than looking for love.

The TEI study was able to show that Twilio Messaging created a positive impact on productivity. For the composite organization, not only did IT developers see an increase of $157k, but for customers who also implemented SMS marketing with Twilio, it saw an increase in net margin valued at $328k over three years, stemming from a 40% opt-in rate and a conversion rate of 5% by year 3. The total revenue won from SMS marketing was $3.2M.

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Falling in love with Twilio is easy when you see how friendly our APIs are. Check out this customer quote:

“One of the biggest benefits [of Twilio Messaging] has been developer [friendliness]. [Twilio has] a robust set of APIs that are easy to integrate and implement. The services have [also] been reliable. We’ve had good success with their deliverability and reliability of messaging.”
- Vice president of eCommerce, food retail

The not-so-forbidden love for Twilio Messaging

Falling in love, in most cases, means taking a chance. Sure, choosing a new partner can be a precarious position. Will you get hurt? Will they take all your money and run off to the Bahamas? Will they go with a competitor?

Are we projecting? Possibly. But when the protagonist in our story chose Twilio Messaging, all of those carefully considered decisions that they made along the way paid off. Literally. In the Total Economic Impact™ study, Forrester Consulting calculated that, based on the combined results of the composite organization (a B2C company with $2.5 billion in annual revenue and 15,000 employees), the return on investment when using Twilio Messaging was 132% over a three year period. That was in addition to a net present value of $2.13M. Talk about a fairytale ending!

132% ROI with Twilio Messaging

Saying 'I do' to Twilio Messaging

Many of the customers Forrester Consulting spoke to on our behalf for the TEI study noted that “prior to using Twilio Messaging, their organizations had disparate sets of approaches to their customer communications.” Whether they were trying to use outdated text messaging practices, inefficient email practices, or even paper mailings, it was clear to us that they valued the flexibility and scalability that Twilio Messaging brings. The real romance here is when organizations can personalize their customers’ experiences and provide them with more relevant and valuable marketing campaigns. Twilio allows you to bring that to them and improve the overall efficiency of your organization. If that doesn’t deserve an epic confession of love, I’m not sure what does.

Cut the cute, get the data

Get your own copy of the Total Economic Impact™ study by Forrester Consulting (commissioned by Twilio). See all of the juicy statistics as well as more compelling customer quotes about Twilio Messaging.