Finding My Purpose: My Pathway to Twilio's Sales Team

October 15, 2021
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When I joined Twilio last October 2020, I did a lot of research, and because of this, I was very sure of what to expect. I read Glassdoor employee reviews. I researched those working in what would be my role. I read through Twilio's values on the website and analyzed which ones resonated with me, and I was delighted by everyone during the interview process. But there are little impactful things that fill our day-to-day life with purpose. And it's those little things that serve as an inspiration for this piece.

How can I find my place in a global company with over four thousand employees — all working remotely?

Within the first thirty days of joining Twilio as an Account Executive, I volunteered to help the Operation Fistula team reach hundreds of women in Madagascar suffering from fistulas. I also served as moderator with Techqueria for an external event directed to minorities interested in working in tech. And I helped translate traditional American recipes to Spanish for a book that would be gifted to families in Latin America.

Twilio Culture:

To me, Twilio is a place where my voice is not just heard but amplified. It's where I'm not just given a platform, but I'm prompted and encouraged to improve things and be an agent of change.

Through our Employee Resource Groups, I learned about the vulnerabilities of other minorities, which I am afraid to admit, I was pretty oblivious about, but for which I am so thankful to recognize now.

Through our #let-the-binge-begin slack channel, I learned not to follow the AI recommendations from my streaming service and to be open to experiencing the shows and movies that shape our perspectives in life (I was missing so many cool shows!!!!)

Twilio Sales:

Coming from a previous corporate sales culture, with a pre-established image of what a "professional look" is, Twilio has been a breath of fresh air. For example, during our All Sales meetings, I learned it is ok to be vulnerable and bring your authentic self to work every day. This resonated with me because, as a single mom born and raised in the Dominican Republic, being in technology was not a very common career trajectory. Even when I moved to the US, there weren't many organizations open to give opportunities to people with my professional or cultural background, gender, and ethnicity. My manager valued the different perspectives I would bring to the team. She saw my differences as strengths, not as weaknesses.    

As a volunteer in the Women in Sales (WIS) Club and co-leader and creator of the first WIS Mentorship Program, I learned that people seek personal connections and better themselves and others at every level.

This is the first-ever Mentorship Program dedicated to supporting women — and those who identify as women — in tech sales. As part of the WIS club, we bring in external guest speakers who focus on specific areas of development. I appreciate the collaborative nature of the club. When it was first introduced, a blank document was circulated amongst all the club members, allowing us to list the subjects we would like to get support on. Then we all voted and prioritized the sessions. The organic structure of this club is what makes it a success. We have members from many non-sales roles and departments. Different perspectives can only make us better.

Also important to me was being selected as a Bar Raiser. The Bar Raiser program selects a small percentage of employees from diverse backgrounds and seniority levels to be part of the interview process with potential Twilions. In these interviews, we specifically assess the cultural affinity between our candidates and Twilio. The Bar Raiser program is also a way to share what happens at Twilio when I am not working on my specific role. I love answering questions about what I do at Twilio because it allows me to share the groups, events, and opportunities I engage in and share what my colleagues do. I have come to learn that there is a place and group virtually for every candidate I’ve had the opportunity to meet. And if there is not an affinity group, I know we have the platform and support to create our own.  After spending hours conducting these cultural interviews, I can’t help but feel blessed each time I get to share my journey with job candidates and see how the conversation influences their enthusiasm for the opportunity.

As mentioned before, some things cannot be found on a Glassdoor review or within our company website. In my opinion, finding purpose is a very personal path. I have come to appreciate even more how blessed I am to experience on a day-to-day basis those little things that give me purpose — not only while working at Twilio but long after my day is done.

With Love,

Jill Barrientos

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