Get started with Twilio Flex in record time with Xcelerate, by Waterfield Technologies

July 29, 2021
Written by
Tony Lama
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Get started with Twilio Flex in record time with Xcelerate, by Waterfield Technologies

Amazing customer experiences are built by developers that understand their unique customer’s needs, however, having a head start never hurts. Utilizing pre-built functionality can provide a foundation for your developers to build and customize on top of.

Twilio has partnered with Waterfield Technologies to launch Xcelerate, a new offering that helps organizations get started even faster with Flex. Xcelerate comes with pre-built functionality, implementation, and ongoing managed services for Twilio Flex, that can be deployed in record time. Unlike other contact center solutions, Xcelerate by Waterfield enables your developers to own your contact center roadmap and use API programmability to continue to build on your pre-designed Twilio Flex environment.

Waterfield has 30+ years of experience in designing digital contact center solutions for hundreds of customers. Twilio product collaborated with Waterfield’s experts to design plug-ins that give customers access to pre-built functionality, including:

Waterfield Flex Capabilities

Xcelerate utilizes Waterfield’s expertise in designing digital contact center solutions with the power and flexibility of Twilio Flex. This solution is perfect for customers who want a solid foundation to build on, or that would rather purchase a pre-designed solution and benefit from ongoing contact center expertise.

Configuration for Twilio Flex

Xcelerate also includes features that help build valuable customer and agent experiences.

  • Skill-based routing for voice, SMS and webchat
  • Pre-defined activity states: available, offline, unavailable, break
  • Live agent webchat widget deployed to customer’s website
  • Okta SSO
  • Contextual callback, canned responses

Waterfield Implementation and Support

Waterfield's team of experts work with every Xcelerate customer on initial implementation, managed services, and ongoing support as needed. These services will assist in expediting your deployment and provide valuable expertise to your teams.

Xcelerate customers can select from standard or custom implementations based on the needs of your business. These services will be purchased directly from Waterfield during the sales process.

Tony Lama leads worldwide specialty sales at Twilio and is a contact center technology veteran with over 23 years of experience and proven successes in the development and execution of global go to market strategies. Tony joined Twilio in 2019 to lead Twilio's Contact Center Sales and GTM. Tony's unique set of experiences having trained, tested, deployed, supported, architected, evangelized, and sold contact center technology makes him a unique Sales/GTM leader. Tony has helped successfully launch numerous contact center offerings at both Aspect (Now Alvaria) and Amazon Web Services.