A single login for Twilio, SendGrid, and Segment

December 14, 2023
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Richard Hu
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Using multiple communication channels is paramount to meeting customers at the right time and at the right place. As businesses grow their channel usage, having to onboard and continuously manage these separate platforms is time consuming. Until now, Twilio, Segment, and SendGrid have been siloed in their login experience, creating frustration with the signup, login, and management process.

Now, Twilio has rolled out the first step towards a unified sign-up and login experience across all Twilio products through the new Product Switcher feature. The Product Switcher feature provides Twilio users with the ability to have a single identity and seamless cross-product navigation experience for SendGrid and Segment.

Product Switcher feature
Note: This feature will not currently be available for Twilio SSO users or trial accounts.

Simplified channel sign-up

Existing Twilio customers can now sign up for a new SendGrid or Segment account directly in their Twilio Console. With a unified identity on the Twilio platform, they can use their existing Twilio credentials which reduces friction when onboarding to these products. Users can then log in to SendGrid or Segment with their existing Twilio login.

A single Twilio identity

A single identity across Twilio reduces the pain and security exposure of managing multiple user identities and passwords. A user will have one set of credentials and will share user settings, including email and two-factor authentication (2FA) setup, for all products being used. User information updates will have to be done only once in a centralized place in the Twilio Console.

Existing Segment users will also have the ability to link to their existing Twilio user and decrease the number of passwords to manage. This will be coming soon for SendGrid, too. Please reach out to your SendGrid contact or our support team for manual support.

Multi-channel experience

Twilio invested in both the Segment customer data platform and SendGrid email platform to provide a multi-channel experience for customers to increase customer engagement. To continue that vision, the single identity across Segment and SendGrid allows customers to seamlessly navigate between these product consoles for ease of use. The Product Switcher will be visible in the respective consoles once your Segment or SendGrid user is linked with Twilio. Your user sessions across these products will be shared with a unified login and logout.

Seamless cross-product navigation with Twilio

The Product Switcher feature is unique to Twilio and is a big step in connecting the Twilio, SendGrid, and Segment products. Twilio will continue to make it easier for customers to adopt, use, and expand their channels as they scale their communications strategy.

Stay tuned for future improvements to ease the use of Twilio Console, Segment, and SendGrid products!

To learn more, please visit the Twilio documentation to get started.