Introducing Andrew Watson, Our New Developer Evangelist

June 07, 2011
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Andrew Watson
My name is Andrew Watson and I’m a Twilio Developer Evangelist.  I’ll be focusing on OpenVBX and the community of developers that has been writing plugins for it and building applications on top of it.

I started using Twilio in February of 2009 after I saw a company called ShoutNow pitch at StartupRiot in Atlanta.  They used it to automate the old fashioned phone tree problem.  I was blown away when I saw the Twilio API that night.  I put together a simple voicemail transcription service for myself then I forwarded my unanswered cell phone calls to it and I never looked back.


There’s a community of OpenVBX developers out there writing plugins, submitting pull requests and building on top of the platform.  It’s been a pleasure being part of this community but now my job is to take it up a notch.  That’s going to mean highlighting your work on the blog, getting your pull requests integrated and making sure that you get value out of the time you spend with OpenVBX.

Talk to Me About OpenVBX

In order to do all that I’d like to start by hearing from you about how you use Twilio and OpenVBX.  Tell me what you think is the most important thing I should be working on right now to make OpenVBX work better for you.

You can email me at  And yes, I love my email address.