Introducing Flex Insights

January 16, 2020
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Flex WFO Built-in Dashboard
The contact center plays an important role within an organization as a strategic asset that drives customer loyalty, innovation and growth. Having greater operational visibility to better understand how the contact center is performing is essential to delivering positive customer engagements Today, we've got two exciting announcements to share. First, *we have renamed Flex WFO to Flex Insights*. Together with Voice Insights and Messaging Queue Insights, Flex Insights provides Flex customers a clear picture of how their contact center is operating on a day to day basis. All of the features that are currently available with Flex WFO will continue to be available. Flex Insights is included with any paid plan for Twilio Flex. Second, we’re also excited to announce two new features for Flex Insights: *a Real-Time Queues View* and the availability of *Messaging and Chat Transcripts* in Flex Insights. ## Real-Time Queues View (Beta)
Real Time Queues View
import * as Flex from “@twilio/flex-ui”;
import { connect } from “react-redux”;

// Connect to Flex’s redux store and display the number of wrapping tasks
const WrappingTasksTile = connect((state: Flex.FlexState) => ({
  wrappingTasks: state.flex.realtimeQueues.workspaceStats
    ? state.flex.realtimeQueues.workspaceStats.tasks_by_status.wrapping.toString()
    : “”
}))(({ wrappingTasks }) => (
  <Flex.AggregatedDataTile title=“Wrapping Tasks” content={wrappingTasks} />

// Add the WrappingTasksTile to the view
  <WrappingTasksTile key=“wrapping-tasks-tile” />,
  { sortOrder: -1 }
Chat Transcript in Flex Insights Conversations Screen
Messaging and Chat transcripts are now available within the Flex Insights conversations screen. You can now drill down into a messaging interaction within Flex Insights and see the transcript of the interaction. While viewing a chat transcript, you can comment on and assess the interaction for quality management purposes. You can also view custom media and links that can be attached to conversations. If you’re using Flex UI v1.16 or newer, you automatically have access to Chat and Messaging transcripts within Flex Insights. Transcripts are available for Flex Messaging conversations that occurred after November 15, 2019. Transcripts are available for any channel supported by Flex Messaging, including WebChat, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and LINE. You can find more about how to use the Flex Insights Conversations screen within our docs.