Introducing Twilio Live: Build Interactive Live Streaming at Global Scale — Now in Beta

July 14, 2021
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Introducing Twilio Live Build Interactive Live Streaming Apps at Global Scale — Now in Beta.png

Twilio Live is now Generally Available! Read more about the launch here.

Traditionally, media consumption such as podcasts, entertainment, shopping, and events have been passive experiences. However, over the past year, we’ve seen a shift to more interactive experiences with the rise of platforms like Clubhouse and TikTok. Consumers are now looking for immersive experiences where they can interact, be part of the conversation, be watched, and be listened to. Learn about the benefits of interactive live streaming and get tips on how to use it.

However, creating these types of experiences is not straightforward. If developers were to solve this themselves today, it would take months to build out the infrastructure needed to support their livestream applications globally. That left us thinking — how can we bring these interactive live streaming capabilities to developers in a simple and painless way? We built Twilio Live!

Why Twilio Live?

Twilio Live gives developers the tools to build immersive experiences that can be directly embedded into their applications. With Twilio Live, developers have access to a low-latency, secure live streaming platform that allows speakers to reach millions while providing an intuitive end-to-end developer experience, including flexible server-side API primitives, and client SDKs for iOS, Android, and JavaScript.

To simplify the build process, we are also releasing quick-deploy reference applications for audio-only and video live streaming. These applications enable a virtual event experience with speakers, audience members, and a high level of interactivity, including chat, screen sharing, polls, and inviting audience members to speak on the virtual stage.

With Twilio Live, developers can create apps for all types of live virtual events such as marketing conferences, next-generation social podcasts, shopping experiences, concerts, fitness classes, education sessions, and more.

"We are continuously exploring ways to enhance communities and discussions on Reddit,” Anand Paka, Senior Director of Product at Reddit said. “Twilio Live has helped our team bring voice to community conversation through our key upcoming live audio feature, Reddit Talk. We have been pleased with the quality of the audio capabilities and the proactive support from Twilio that allowed a speedy integration.”

By providing the building blocks for live interactive streaming, customers can focus on the user experience of their applications.

As Tiger Shen, CTO at virtual event platform Welcome, explains, "The virtual event has evolved from an ad-hoc experience to a permanent element of nearly every company’s internal and external engagement strategy. Building on top of Twilio's live-streaming infrastructure allows our team to spend time on the bespoke pieces of creating a jaw-dropping product.”

Request access to the Twilio Live Beta program today!

Go beyond simple broadcast and improve your audience’s experience with interactive live streaming. Twilio Live is our commitment to partnering with you to build the next wave of innovative, highly interactive experiences for millions of people.

Visit the Twilio Live website to learn more and request an invitation to our Beta program.

We can’t wait to see what you build!