Twilio Flex Announces Public Beta of Compatibility with Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

April 08, 2024
Written by
Hitesh Manwar
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Twilio Flex Announces Public Beta of Compatibility with Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop

Twilio is excited to announce that Twilio Flex, our digital engagement solution for contact centers and sales use cases, is now fully integrated with Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop. Azure Virtual Desktop is a flexible cloud Virtual Desktop Infrastructure solution (VDI) that virtualizes desktop and application experiences, enabling remote access from any location. This collaboration brings together Twilio Flex's powerful control and agility options with the security and efficiency of Azure Virtual Desktop.

Microsoft’s multimedia redirection (MMR) for Azure Virtual Desktop now supports Flex UI 2.4.1 and later versions in the browser, which significantly enhances audio quality during voice calls. The architecture redirects calls from Twilio's Voice API JavaScript SDK in the Virtual Machine to the agent's local machine via the MMR extension. This enables audio calls to directly connect from the agent’s local machine to Twilio Voice servers for an optimal experience. This ensures that Twilio Flex users benefit from a secure, scalable, and high-quality audio experience tailored for contact center operations.

System Requirements

To utilize Flex for Azure Virtual Desktop, ensure your systems meet the following requirements:

  • Flex UI: Version 2.4.1 or later (Flex-hosted or self-hosted)

  • Azure Virtual Desktop: An Azure Virtual Desktop deployment with Windows 10 or later server operating system. Ensure the MMR extension is installed and enabled. (See Microsoft’s guide for details.)

  • Remote Device: Windows 10 or later operating system, with the latest version of Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. Your device must meet the hardware requirements for Teams on a Windows PC.

Setting up Flex for Azure Virtual Desktop involves a few key steps, from setting up your local Windows environment to configuring the Azure Virtual Desktop environment and ensuring your Flex UI library is up-to-date. 

Join the Flex for Azure Virtual Desktop public beta

The feature can be enabled by navigating to the Flex admin console, selecting Features, and then enabling the Enable voice on Azure Virtual Desktop switch. Please refer to the following guide for a detailed setup guide.

We invite you to join the public beta of Flex for Azure Virtual Desktop and explore its benefits firsthand. Your contributions through feedback will play a pivotal role as we refine and enhance this integration towards its general availability.