Text Me My Schedule Helps Students Make It to Class

June 16, 2011
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Mike Jahn
This is a guest post by Mike Jahn, a 21 year old Information Systems/Web Development college student with a passion for music, rollerblading, photography, technology and the Internet who built Text Me My Schedule using Twilio. Mike tried to solve a very simple problem among college students by using a medium nearly every student has access to- text messaging! Let’s see what Mike had to say about building Text Me My Schedule in just one week:

I am a senior in college.  Like every other college student, I have to remember a new class schedule every semester.  I was getting sick of writing it down to remember it the first few weeks of the semester.  I have a cell phone, so I figured why not have it texted it to me every day?  I talked to a few friends and they had the same problem and thought it was a good idea so I decided to do it.

Text Me My Schedule

I thought of the idea for the site on a Monday and launched it that Friday (since classes started on that Monday, I wanted to give people some time to add in their schedule).  It was a long week of developing!  I used CodeIgniter (PHP MVC framework) and Twilio for the SMS. I like the simplicity of Twilio.

This semester was definitely a trial run for the site.  Fortunately, I am getting tons of feedback about the site and how to improve it.  I definitely want to make it more than just your semester schedule.  I could have it tailored to students and reminders for them.  I have many ideas for the site and am going to try to make this site easy to use and help people out!

The ideas are endless!  There are so many times I see a website or new web technology and think, “How awesome would it be to integrate that service with SMS?”  It really isn’t that hard to add SMS to any site because of Twilio!  It really helps developers out!