Twilio and 99designs Join This Week's AppSumo Lean Startup Bundle

October 07, 2010
Written by
John Sheehan
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AppSumo is a site that sells bundles of products or services at greatly discounted prices. This week they’re running a Lean Startup bundle which gets you $1324 in merchandise for only $42. Take a look at all the killer items included in the bundle:

AppSumo Lean Startup Bundle now with Twilio

You may notice a familiar name in that list. Just this morning we’ve thrown our hat into the ring and included a $200 Twilio credit bonus redeemable when upgrading your trial account or adding funds to an existing paid account (minimum $20 deposit is required). This promo is valid for both new and existing customers.

To take advantage of this offer, head over to AppSumo and purchase the bundle. The promo code will be available in your AppSumo dashboard. Then head over to your Twilio Dashboard. If you’re a trial account, select ‘Upgrade Now’ and be sure to click ‘I have a promo code!’ and enter the code provided. If you’re an existing paid account, select ‘Balance’ and ‘Add Funds’ and enter the promo code while completing the form.

Update: We had to suspend the promo codes being used. The new process for redeeming your Twilio credit is outlined in the AppSumo Dashboard.

Update: The Twilio AppSumo deal is now sold out.

We weren’t the only ones that wanted to be involved with this bundle. 99designs added a deal to the bundle today as well giving you a free power pack upgrade when starting a contest. If you’re looking to get a logo or something else designed, now is the time to do it. This is just one of the many great offers in the bundle that we hope you’ll take advantage of. We’re a big fan of Lean Startups and excited to be a part of this offer.