Twilio Authy gets facelift and new name but is still the authenticator app everybody loves

July 13, 2020
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Twilio Authy

In the five years since acquiring Authy, Twilio has increased its focus on ensuring trust and empowering secure communications between customers and their end users. Meanwhile, Authy continues its mission of providing those end users a secure means of authenticating their identities and actions. Back then, we chose to keep the brands separate, but over the years, as Twilio and Authy converged in their missions, customers and users expressed confusion around the relationship between the two. So, earlier this year we announced that we’re finally going to merge the two brands, renaming the app to Twilio Authy.

What’s in a name?

While the overwhelming response has been of pleasant surprise, there have been those for whom this renaming has caused some confusion and inconvenience. And to those, we just want to say we’re sorry. We understand that you were used to the convenience of Authy being at the top of alphabetically sorted lists, and now the new name means you have to scroll down a lot.

We’re still 100% committed to forging a new identity as Twilio Authy, but we’ll revert the icon name to avoid the UX problems, particularly when using the app on Apple Watch. We’re also updating the branding within the app to make it more fluid and consistent overall.

User-first, developer-friendly

Some also have expressed concern that this seems like a corporate takeover. Rest assured. We have made some cosmetic changes to bring the brands closer. But our core principle remains the same: to make strong authentication more human.

By tying the Twilio and Authy brands together, we can continue to bring users an award-winning authentication experience, while also enabling developers the benefit of a fully integrated authentication solution built on the world’s most powerful communications network.As companies look beyond authenticating users via SMS-based One-Time Passcodes (OTPs), having a trusted authenticator app on the client becomes a compelling advantage in terms of security and user experience. With Twilio’s backing, Authy has continued to operate with autonomy, but also significantly expanded its R&D and Support efforts, as well as innovative new features that keep it the authentication app of choice among users and experts alike. 

Some things won’t change

Our mission and need to make strong authentication more human is stronger than ever. Expect the same level of commitment and quality of service from us as you’ve had in the past. Authy is here to stay-only now backed by a major organization with tremendous expertise in building large scale, easy to use but still powerful developer friendly platforms.

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