Growing In Europe: Announcing Lower Prices, More Coverage And Wider Access In Europe

May 22, 2014
Written by
Devang Sachdev
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The right message can open doors–literally. European based companies use Twilio to help their customers do anything from opening a door via text message, to finding the right medical care, to getting a quality loan. Since entering the European market two and a half years ago, we saw exponential growth.

Last year, Twilio Voice traffic grew 300% thanks to the companies building with Twilio. With this higher traffic, we’re able to hit a higher economy of scale and reduce our pricing. Today we’re happy to announce lower pricing for calls in 5 European countries, new SMS enabled numbers in Ireland, and Safe Harbor Compliance.

Same High Quality, New Lower Prices In Europe

Two of our core values at Twilio are “be frugal” and “no shenanigans”. We want to deliver you a communications platform that’s easy to use, fairly priced and high quality. As we’re expanding and gaining more economy of scale, we pass the savings savings on to you.

Starting today, you can make the same high quality calls using Twilio Voice at lower per minute pricing in the following areas.

*for full list of area codes download the voice pricing sheet.

More Messages To More Places in Europe

As of today, you can sign up for International-enabled mobile phone numbers for Ireland, in beta. Using these phone numbers, you can send and receive SMS from a local Irish mobile phone number, and connect to anywhere in the world. You can do a lot with SMS, whether you’re building SMS enabled apps or adding a new channel for customer support, or offering SMS notifications for your customers We can’t wait to see what you build with these new numbers.

Pricing for Irish mobile numbers is just $0.0075 per inbound message and $0.014 per outbound message. To learn more about availability, pricing, or to sign up for beta click here. Once your account is enabled for beta access, you will receive an email notifying you and giving you the ability to buy the phone numbers in beta directly from your account portal.

Keeping Your Personal Data Safe In Europe

Thousands of businesses, developers, and customers use Twilio across the globe. Your information security is paramount to us.  We take measures to protect your confidential information by adhering to the guidelines of privacy laws in local regions. In regards to Europe, Twilio meets the US-EU Safe Harbor Framework, to keep your confidentiality and privacy intact.
European companies like WhatClinic, Shutl, AmigoLoans, and SmarterKey are delivering great experiences to their customers using Twilio. We look forward to seeing what you build with these new features, and lower pricing.

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