How to Build Lasting Relationships with Your Customers Across Digital Channels

November 08, 2022
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Reimagining Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is different than what was asked of us three or four years ago. Businesses of all sizes have been forced to realign their priorities. Most likely, your resilience at work has been tested to the limit. But, with the right mindset, any company can transform itself for the better. Keep reading to dive into three critical trends so you can connect deeper with your customers in times of change.

“The key to all the personalisation is what you did today may not be good for tomorrow.”

-Yogesh Gaikwad, Head of Engineering, Prudential

Prioritizing data protection for transparency and trust

Most companies know that data fuels personalisation. But not all of them know how to stand out among a sea of competitors also working hard to hyper-personalise their products and services. The main differentiation is going to be how your business chooses to personalise, and the speed at which you can do it. If you’re looking to attract attention, remember to always think of your customers as humans, and not just data points. It’s all about getting back to the basics of customer service. How do we get the right information to our clients, at the right time? The human on the other end of the line still values trust, transparency and open communication, no matter what device or high-tech gadget they’re talking to you from.

While companies are benefiting from an influx of data they can use to improve their marketing and customer service strategies, on the flip side, consumers are reluctant to trust. That basically means they are very worried about how companies are using their data. We need to reimagine how we view customer information in a way that’s more reciprocal. For example, if you’re asking for a customer's date of birth, why not offer them a birthday coupon in return. Capturing trust when delivering personalised experiences is also about making sure we’re protecting the way we’re using our customer’s information so it caters to their needs too.

Giving the customer options in failure scenarios

Never underestimate the ability of a brand to impress under pressure. When customers face a failure scenario, they often crave clear communication and connection with a company more than when everything is going right. Clients clearly remember when brands show empathy, and quickly respond to their needs. We can work with this in our personalised communication strategies by catering both for correct and incorrect scenarios in any user journey.

When building products, we always recommend keeping the customer at heart. It’s about prioritising exactly what the customer needs and what you can do to answer their call. When that changes, consider how to revisit the process with upgraded technology. Later on, ensure your team keeps a user-first mindset.

After launch, an omnichannel approach can enhance how we connect with our customers to continue gathering feedback and acting upon it in real time.

The magic happens when customers realise we’re not just a company, but also a person trying to help them through their journey. Consider the following advice from Jx Lye, Chief Operating Officer at Endowus, in navigating more turbulent times:

“If clients feel appreciated and not in a box then that creates resiliency, because if they love you and stick with you, that’s really a good sign for the business.”

-Jx Lye, Chief Operating Officer, Endowus

Getting your team on the same page will solidify your strategy

And finally, in order to build a successful personalisation strategy, it’s imperative that everyone on your team understands what the users want.  If we put ourselves in our customer’s shoes, we understand that processes that they were once familiar with are changing quickly, and we have an opportunity to guide them through this journey.

Additionally, acknowledge that it’s been especially volatile in recent years for you and your own team. It sounds simple, but recognising that will help them work with empathy too. Properly onboarding and allowing everyone to get on the same page will drive that human-to-human connection we are all looking for in our solutions geared towards future growth.

How Twilio can help you reimagine customer engagement

One of our customers, UnionBank of the Philippines, has reported being able to customise simpler, more effective call flow journeys since switching to Twilio. VP & Head of Customer Engagement and Contact Centres, Cecille Teresa, says that customer preferences are always evolving, and so having an omnichannel digital strategy is essential for great long-term relationships.  In fact, she says it’s so essential that she promotes the mantra, “we digitise or we die”. Teresa cited Twilio as aligning to the bank’s competitive advantage with its sweet spot between driving human-to-human connection, and a smooth, digital experience. “It’s really necessary for industries and companies to keep up with the pace and make sure we know the structure of how we’re going to personalise.”

Technology should be there to help the customer feel heard. Talk to a Twilio agent today about how you can implement empathetic listening tools into your business, customised for you and your customers’ needs. We can’t wait to see how you transform.