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March 19, 2020
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Twilio TV aims to entertain and inform a global network of millions of developers as they connect with the Twilio community and learn how to build the future of communications together. We deliver video content that developers can engage with both live and on demand with their peers. Take a look below for this month's lineup.



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Hosted by Nathaniel on Tuesdays at 3:30pm GMT / 2:30pm UTC

Calling all Early in Career Developers. Tune in to the Baby Developer Show with Nathaniel as he talks (and sometimes codes) web development, career topics, and so much more. Featuring guests from across the tech industry, you'll surely leave entertained and informed.

Hosted by Christine - next stream: Thursday, October 29 at 2:30pm PDT / 9:30PM UTC

Welcome to BubbleSort - A Developer Game and Variety Show. Watch as your friends in tech play crazy fun games built by developers. Check out the game, join the chat, and play to win money for charity! We promise you this one hour is better than your sprint planning meeting, and the ‘points’ here actually make sense! Come join the fun!

Hosted by Gary on Mondays at 2:00pm GMT / 1:00pm UTC

Join Gary for Casual Coding on Mondays as he progresses on some longer term projects. What you can expect is a chilled out stream featuring PHP that aims to get things done.

Hosted by Layla on Fridays at 2:30pm GMT / 1:30pm UTC

If you're into .NET development, visit Coding with Layla as she builds different applications using .NET Core and C#. You will learn see her tackle building with APIs, demonstrating standards & best practices, and build relationships with her and other developers around the world.

Hosted by Brent on Fridays at 2:00pm EDT / 6:00pm UTC

If you've ever had a busy week where you saw something cool and said "I'll check that out later!" and never got back around to it, you're not alone. This has happened to Brent so many times that he made a show about it. Whether it's tech news, that shiny new JavaScript library, or even games we're going to check them out together so they don't get forgotten. Bring your own list and we'll go through it together as well!

Hosted by Gary on Fridays at 2:00pm GMT / 1:00pm UTC

Foolish Friday is here. Visit Gary's channel while he messes around with new tools and helps the developer community with their questions. All developers of all levels welcome.

Hosted by Layla on Mondays at 3:30pm GMT / 2:30pm UTC

If serverless development is your jam, come hang around for some fun with Azure Functions. Join Layla as she plays with different aspects of Azure Functions and Microsoft Azure, testing out new things and learning along the way. Viewer participation is encouraged!

Hosted by Lizzie on Thursdays at 11:30am PDT / 6:30pm UTC

Each Thursday, Lizzie will share and write code that she finds interesting or relevant to current events, like building a Hamilton chatbot or exploring a Taylor Swift data visualization with JavaScript. She will also dabble with some new APIs or libraries, sometimes with guests but always with viewers.

Hosted by Layla on Thursdays at 2:00pm GMT / 1:00pm UTC

Join Layla every Thursday as she codes what's inspired her. This stream usually revolves around the .NET ecosystem, often features special guests, and dabbles in new language features & systems.

Hosted by Phil on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:00am AEDT / 11:00pm UTC

If you have a project idea that uses Twilio, watch Phil's show where he builds different open source projects using the latest in web development technology and Twilio. Building together is always fun so bring your questions, comments, and humor.

Hosted by Phil & Dom on Thursdays at 4:00pm PDT / 11:00pm UTC

Join Phil and Dom for Remote Participants where they chat about all things coding, Twilio, and regularly feature guests while sometimes breaking into live code. Bring your questions or join us to say hello and have a chat.

Hosted by Brent on Tuesdays at 2:00pm EDT / 6:00pm UTC

Bring your curiosity and questions to Stream Tech Tuesdays as Brent shows off streaming software, plugins, hardware, and more. This is your behind the scenes seat to learn how Brent and others produce their recorded videos and live streams.

Hosted by the TwilioQuest team on Tuesdays at 9:00am PDT / 4:00pm UTC

Join us on Tuesdays to explore the Fog Owl. Viewers can see TwilioQuest developed live each week, meet the developers behind the missions, and become a TwilioQuest operator along the way.

Hosted by Nathaniel bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 12:30pm EDT / 4:30pm UTC.
The next episode of Twilio Insiders will be on November 4.

Live! on Twilio TV presents Twilio Insiders - an hour-long AMA and pair coding session featuring different Twilio PMs and engineers and product managers from across the company. Twilio Insiders is the place to meet the folks who build the services and APIs developers use to connect the world with code.

Twilio TV's On Demand Content

We are hard at work on brand new developer content that is published on our new YouTube channel, Twilio Devs. Check out some of new content we're posting there & hit the subscribe button to stay up to date as we publish new content every week.

  • Call of the Cursor
    This show features the fun and creative things people build with Twilio. Not every use of Twilio is for business applications. Sometimes we just want to have fun and solve creative problems using software. Call of the Cursor celebrates creators and the cool things they build. Check out our latest episode featuring Sam Agnew.
  • Built in a Day
    In Built in a Day, we'll learn about a project that can be built in a day that's inspired by the world around us. Sometimes the builds will be related to a movie that just came out while others might be a tool that solves a problem people have based on current events. No matter how cool it is, you'll be able to build it in a day. Click here to see how simple it is to build a meeting indicator light that uses Electric Imp and a calendar entry to let housemates know when you're busy .
  • Twilio Changelog (hosted by Brent Schooley)
    Twilio Changelog is your Twilio developer news show that catches you up on all of the new things happening with Twilio. In episode 1, we highlight the latest changes to Twilio Studio & Functions, AudioSwitch (a new Android audio management library), upcoming changes to log retention and more.

We can't wait for you to join us and build the future of communications together.