What’s it Like to be a Twilion?

May 11, 2015
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You may know what it’s like to use the Twilio API. You may even know a Twilio employee or three. But what’s it really like to BE a Twilion?

For me, it’s been an intense couple of months. I relocated my family from Texas to California for this new role at Twilio, so this wasn’t a decision to make lightly. I had to believe in the company’s people and the company’s product. While I’m still learning about both, I continue to find them equally intriguing and downright impressive. In fact, it’s one of the most tightly knit groups of people I’ve ever seen.

And I also learned that because of the massive growth and hiring, no one’s Twilio experience is quite the same as anyone else’s. From engineering to sales, marketing and operations, each team has its own culture. We all have the same perks and many of the same traditions. But it’s the culture of learning, building and doing something differently to empower developers, that creates the experience.

Which leads us to #twiliolife.


Do a bit of searching on the social interwebs and you’ll find story after story about events, employees, offices, challenges, owls and Wednesday nights. But the relationships go so much deeper.

  • You’ll see a place where employees are recognized for their ingenuity and creativity during app demos.
  • A place where coworkers support a friend in need, by giving up both funds and follicles for a worthy cause.
  • If you look closely, you’ll see a place where the word ‘family’ has a universal meaning regardless of your background or orientation.

That’s where my job comes in. I’m here to help Twilions tell our story in our words and continue sharing them across the Twilio Life channels. You can follow along and contribute by using the #twiliolife hashtag on these networks:

@TwilioLife on Instagram


@TwilioLife on Twitter
@TwilioLife on Twitter


@TwilioLife on Facebook
@TwilioLife on Facebook

Each week will feature a different employee story and profile picture to help represent the #twiliolife culture. It’s not for everyone. It’s for empowering builders and DOers. We all got here in different ways and for different reasons. But it’s what we do together that makes us Twilions.

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