Serverless | Oct. 17, 2022

Functions and Assets are now Generally Available

Today Functions and Assets as well as the Serverless API are moving into General Availability, meaning they are now covered under our guaranteed Service Level Agreement (SLA) including a service level quality of 99.95% when building and invoking your Functions and Assets. It also means that in the rare eventuality you encounter a problem, you can raise a support ticket backed by the service agreement. Check out our announcement for more details.

Important: Functions (Classic) and Assets (Classic) are not covered by this SLA. If you are still using Classic, you are encouraged to start the transition over to Functions & Assets to take advantage of the SLA, a more powerful editor, and access to the Serverless API.

Additionally, the Serverless Toolkit will remain a Twilio Labs project for the time being. It's still backed by the same Serverless API but if you are encountering any issues, we cannot guarantee any SLA yet to resolve issues. Instead, please raise an issue on the project's GitHub.

Serverless GA